How to get and use Emojis in Monopoly GO

Emojis are an exciting personalized feature coming to Monopoly GO! While it’s already an addicting game, the latest updates allow you to express yourself further while shutting other players down! But how do you get and use emojis in Monopoly GO?

How to get emojis in Monopoly GO

Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ll get access to your first emojis in Monopoly GO once you reach the Paris board while boosting your net worth. This means new players won’t instantly have access to emojis, but you’ll pretty quickly get access to them within your first day.

Emojis add a new dimension of interaction with friends (or rivals) you spot on the monopoly board. You’ll be able to get more emojis from future events as you play the game. While there are potential emoji packs you can get in the future, you can get many without paying a cent! But the question remains, how do you use them?

How to use emojis in Monopoly GO

This is the fun part: I was able to play bank heists or shutdowns and, once I succeeded in one, I hit my profile picture. You should see a menu showing ‘Select an emoji’ from which you can choose to dunk on your opponents as you rob them blind. Mean-spirited? Perhaps, but it’s Monopoly GO, and it’s all in jest.

Monopoly Go Emojis Select
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can view your emojis in Monopoly GO by hitting the ‘My Showroom’ menu on the top-right of the app UI. On the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the right-most button showing an emoji icon; hit that and you’ll see your collection. As the game brings more updates and events, check back here frequently to see what emojis you can add!

Personally, I could go for a Kappa emoji every time I semi-seriously pull a successful heist on my friend Shaun at Prima Games. He knows it’s all in good fun.