How to Get and Use Emojis in Monopoly Go

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With the recent update of Monopoly Go, the game has introduced a new option for communicating with other players: emojis. Now you can share your joy, frustration, or any other emotion with your friends and customize your profile. In addition, this feature allows you to showcase different cards, tokens, or properties, which can be useful when trading. In this guide, you will learn everything about how to get and use emojis in Monopoly Go.


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How to Get Emojis in Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go: the character

Even though there is no direct way to get a specific emoji in Monopoly Go, as this is a fairly new feature for the game, there are a few ways to get it:

  • Complete daily tasks: Foremost, you need to log in to the game regularly to participate in the various daily tasks that the game offers. For example, you can be fortunate enough to spin the Wheel or open the boxes and get it there.
  • Take part in events: Monopoly Go has a wide range of different events and challenges that you can complete to get emojis. Just take part in as many of them as possible, and you will see your emoji collection rapidly grow with new collectibles.

To view which emojis you have already unlocked for your use, click on the three-bar button in the upper-left corner of the screen. From the menu options, select My Showroom. Once in the showroom, you will have three options:

  1. Tokens
  2. Shield
  3. Emojis

Clicking on the third button will open a gallery that displays every emoji available to you.


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How to Use Emojis in Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go: the character

Currently, the main function of emojis in Monopoly Go is to use them after various events by clicking on players’ avatars. If you want to make fun of a Bank Heist victim, you just need to click on their avatar after you’re done before clicking Collect.

After that, you will see a window where you can choose between the emojis available to you, and after you press Collect, your emoji will be sent to your opponent. The same goes for Shutdown; after you have selected and demolished your target, you can send the emoji to your opponent by clicking on their avatar.

Monopoly GO is available now for PC and Mobile devices.

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