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Our guide covers how to obtain and change your Anime Revolution Grimoire. We also cover what Grimoires are and what they do to benefit you during the game.

Anime Revolution is a simulator game where you punch to increase strength. There are buffs, potions and familiar faces to beat up in neverending fights! You earn currency each time you defeat an NPC which unlocks summons and new maps. With your team of A-lister anime companions, you can tackle stronger fights and become the forefront of this revolution!

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Anime Revolution Grimoire

Now onto the part you’re after! Let’s jump into this guide on how to get and change your Grimoire.

How To Get A Grimoire

You unlock Grimoires as you enter Zone 4: Clover. Very fitting as this area is based on Black Clover which has Grimoires within the anime lore. It will cost you 1M Coins to roll for a Regular Grimoire, and 150 Robux to roll for a Super Grimoire. The whole purpose of a Grimoire is to increase the player’s Energy, Damage and Coin intake.

How To Change Your Grimoire

Changing your Grimoire is as simple as rolling for a new one. The prices remain the same as what was shared in our “How To Get A Grimoire” section. 1M Coins per Regular Grimoire, or 150 Robux for the Super Grimoire.

What Are The Grimoires

So, what Grimoires are there, and what does each provide?

Basic Grimoire

  • Energy: x1.2
  • Coins: x1.2
  • DMG: x1

Timer Grimoire

  • Energy: x1.1
  • Coins: x1.3
  • DMG: x1.7

Fire Grimoire

  • Energy: x1.5
  • Coins: x1.1
  • DMG: x1.3

NightFall Grimoire

  • Energy: x1.4
  • Coins: x1.4
  • DMG: x1.4

Soth Grimoire

  • Energy: x2
  • Coins: x1.2
  • DMG: x1.1

Reinforcement Grimoire

  • Energy: x1.3
  • Coins: x1.7
  • DMG: x1.7

Restriction Grimoire

  • Energy: x2
  • Coins: x2
  • DMG: x2

Radiant Grimoire

  • Energy: x2.5
  • Coins: x1.7
  • DMG: x1.7

Storm Grimoire

  • Energy: x3
  • Coins: x3
  • DMG: x3