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If you want to know how to get Alien X in Omini X then you’re in the right place! In my guide, I tell you the 4 locations for the Map of Infinity as well as the secret code needed to unlock the Alien X.

Omini X is a Roblox game inspired by Ben 10. Blast to the past with nostalgic themes and set out on a brand-new adventure that takes a few pages from the beloved franchise. With an open world that offers tons of exploration, it’s your job to unlock a range of abilities and increase your power to become the best alien fighter around!

Visit the official Omini X Roblox page for more information regarding the game – and to try it out for yourself. We have an Omni X codes guide too if you’re on the hunt for some free rewards! Check out our How To Get The Omnitrix In Omini X guide whilst you’re at it too!

How To Get Alien X In Omini X

Let’s get into the guide!

Alien X Requirements

To get Alien X you’ll have quite the travelling to do since you need 4x Map of Infinity and a secret code. On top of this, you’ll need to have the Omnitrix Recalibrated.

Map of Infinity Locations

As you travel to each map location you may find that the map is missing. If it is not there it means another player has already swiped the map. Because of this, I recommend gathering the map pieces on a private server. All the map pieces can be obtained much quicker if you have an ability that allows flight.

  • Map of Infinity 1
    • Outside of the neighbourhood, there are long stretches of road.
    • Follow the one which has a hill to the right and climb up.
    • On top of here is a castle-like structure and a stony portal.
    • Ingite the portal and head inside.
    • Head to the left onto the furthest platform with a castle.
    • Head into the castle and claim map 1.
  • Map of Infinity 2:
    • Exit the portal and head straight from the exit point outside of the map bounds (you’ll need a flight ability)
    • Keep heading towards the grey moon-like area until you find solid ground.
    • Head into the pool on this moon and find the cave.
    • Inside the cave in the centre is map 2.
  • Map of Infinity 3:
    • From the neighbourhood, use a flight ability to head past the moon to the half-red half-white planet.
    • Within the planet’s landing area should be a central point between lava and stone.
    • On a podium on this planet is map 3.
  • Map of Infinity 4:
    • Finally, head to the Green Ship.
    • Head under the ship to a countdown area where you can access the ship.
    • The game will move you into the ship and from here you need to Open 100 Doors.
    • The secret doors spawn in one per side on the Ground Floor. Once you find a Guardian you can move on to the next room (you do not have to kill the Guardian)
    • Once you have map 4 you need to de-transform and you will be teleported back outside the ship. I recommend that you do /save as soon as you’re back so you don’t lose progress.

Alien X Code

I told you he is big! Seeing this upon exiting the ship means you did all the steps to obtaining Alien X correctly. Just be sure to type in the Alien X code before you plummet into the void.

Now you have all the map pieces and are teleported back into outer space, all you need to do is type the secret code into chat and then plummet into the void to get Alien X. The code is /Omnitrix code 001. A sign that you have succeeded is seeing a massive silhouette of Alien X in space outside the ship.

Once you respawn back at spawn your Omnitrix will update and have Alien X available as a transformation.