How to Get a Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite

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Metal Smelters are a necessary item to craft as you get further into LEGO Fortnite. They are used to melt down metals, such as Copper, to make them into bars, and therefore open up the possibility to craft new items in the game, like high-quality tools.

To make a Metal Smelter, there’s a long process you’ll need to follow, as you will need to gather many materials. This includes items only available in Dry Valley Biomes within Lava Caves, which will require you to prepare for the grueling heat. With all of this in mind, here is how LEGO Fortnite players can get started on making a Metal Smelter.


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Image of the required materials to upgrade your village to Level 9 in Lego Fortnite

Before you can build a Metal Smelter, you’ll need to have unlocked the crafting recipe for it first. This will require you to have reached Level 9 in your village, which requires these materials and an increase of your village rating to do so:

  • 15x Flexwood
  • 15x Obsidian
  • 10x Cut Amber

To get Obsidian, you’ll need to visit a Lava Cave within a Dry Valley Biome. These areas are expansive, rocky deserts with cacti and high temperatures. You prepare for the intense heat before visiting this location. You can also find Amber here, which can be collected using an Uncommon Pickaxe. Flexwood will come from the cacti in this region and can be acquired using a Rare Forest Axe.


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Image of a character building a Metal Smelter in Lego Fortnite

When you’ve had a chance to reach Level 9 in your village, you’ll notice the Metal Smelter recipe will have been successfully unlocked under the Utility Stations builds. This item comes with a hefty price in terms of required resources, however, meaning that you will need to spend a lot of time mining and gathering in order to build it. The following resources are required to build a Metal Smelter:

  • 15x Brightcore
  • 35x Obsidian Slab
  • 3x Blast Core

Image of a character running away from a Blaster enemy in Lego Fortnite

Again, just like Obsidian, Brightcore can be found within the Lava Caves in the Dry Valley Biomes. You’ll need to use a Rare Pickaxe for this item as well. As for Blast Cores, these will also be in Lava Caves but will require you to defeat a Blaster enemy, which can be seen in the image above. After you’ve gathered the required materials, you’ll be able to build a Metal Smelter.



July 25, 2017

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