October 3, 2023

Want to know How To Get A Helicopter In Sunkenland? Your search is over! Fasten in as we take you to new heights with this guide, where we outline all you need to know about the Helicopter in Sunkenland.

Sunkenland is an up-and-coming co-op survival game. Dive into this submerged post-apocalyptic open world, where you explore the depths of the water which has absorbed the majority of Earth, leaving only small pockets of solid ground. Discover ancient and historic structures, find resources to build your base, craft armour, and weapons, but above all else, survive!

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How To Get A Helicopter In Sunkenland

Grab your scrap because we are jumping into the guide!

What Is The Helicopter?

The Helicopter is a vehicle that you can craft to navigate the open world with a little more ease. Taking to the skies with this vehicle is one of the faster modes of transport that Sunkenland has to offer, reaching a top speed between 250-300 kilometers. Just be sure to keep fuel on hand for those mid-adventure top-ups.

Where Do You Get The Helicopter?

The blueprint for the Helicopter crafting recipe will become obtainable once the Clifton Outpost is at 100% completion.

How To Craft The Helicopter

The Helicopter is quite an expensive craft so be prepared to put the grind in. It’s worth the hassle however as the bird’s eye view of this wet apocalypse is unbeatable! To craft the Helicopter you will need 30 Scrap, 6 Advanced Gears, 10 Steel, and 10 Components. Thankfully, the Helicopter is nearly indestructible too, and hard landings won’t undo all the hard work you put into getting it.

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