How to get a free Tigris Twitch Emblem for Destiny 2

Emblems may not be the most impactful part of your Guardian’s kit, but fashion is essential in Destiny 2. If you want a free Emblem you can’t find in-game, here’s how to get a free Tigris Twitch Emblem for Destiny 2.

How to get the Tigris Emblem in Destiny 2

Bungie recently participated in a Final Shape Livestream on Twitch, complete with Twitch drops. Guardians got to see some exciting upcoming features, but some drops simply weren’t working.

Thanks to the issues, everyone can redeem Emblem for free. If you sign in to your account on the official Bungie website, you can enter the redeem code 6AJ XFR 9ND to obtain the Tigris Emblem.

How to equip the Tigris emblem in Destiny 2

I struggled to find the emblem for far longer than I care to admit. Open your Collections menu and choose Flair, then Emblems. 

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Tigris Fati Emblem is in the General section near the bottom of the menu (pictured above). You can equip it as normal, and it can also be reacquired at any time from the Flair menu, even if you delete it.

How to redeem codes on the Destiny website

Visit Bungie’s official website and click “Destiny 2” in the top right corner. Hover over “My Account,” and pick whatever platform you play on. A popup window will open, and you may be prompted to enter your password

How to get a free Tigris Twitch Emblem for Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’re signed in, click on your logo at the top right corner and choose “Redeem Codes.” Enter the code and press “Redeem,” and the Emblem should arrive in-game shortly afterward.

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