How To Fix Black Screen On Launch For Gamepass

The Steam and Game Pass versions of Palworld have a few subtle differences between them that usually don’t impact players. However, the Palworld black screen on launch with Game Pass can be quite a pain, and there’s only one way to get around it.

Palworld is a colossal open world survival and crafting game with what may be the best twist on the genre we’ve seen to date. In it, players can capture creatures called Pals and put them to work making resources, building items, and generally working away for whatever goal set for them. However, it’s hard to do any of this when opening Palworld, and the black screen on launch with Game Pass hits the player just as they’re about to get back to their base.

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How to Fix the Black Screen on Launch for Game Pass in Palworld on PC

Image by Gamepur

To fix the black screen on launch for Game Pass on PC in Palworld, players need to open the game’s files, right-click to open Properties, then Compatibility, choose the option to disable fullscreen optimization, and then run the game as an administrator.

This fix was discovered by a player soon after Palworld’s launch and posted on the game’s Discord and Subreddit. It’s worth noting that some users also had to check for updates for their PC and graphics drivers to get the game running again. This is what we recommend if the first fix doesn’t immediately work.

How to Fix the Black Screen on Launch for Game Pass in Palworld on Xbox

Image via Palworld Wiki

To fix the black screen on launch for Game Pass in Palworld on Xbox, players must close the game and try to launch it again. We’ve even seen users stating that they’ve had to restart their consoles or uninstall and reinstall the game just to get around this issue.

Mercifully, the error seems to be much less prevalent on Xbox, so most player should be able to launch the game and play through their world without any problems if they’re on console. We play on a console, and while there is a graphical difference between the PC version and the Xbox one, we prefer being able to relax a little more with it and avoid issues such as this one, thanks to the stability of the console version.

Anyone looking to learn more about Palworld and boost their efficiency while in the game should check out our complete guide. In it, they’ll find every guide we’ve produced for tricky topics and the precarious puzzles presented to players around the world. This gets updated alongside the game, so it’s the best place to check up on all the latest content too.