How to Find the Wooden Doll in Immortal Life – Lost Memories Quest Guide

One of the many quests that Immortal Life contains is Lost Memories. This quest, while seemingly an easy fetch quest on the surface, is not as straightforward as players would presume and leads to a lot of time wasted on searching.

Lost Memories is a character quest in Immortal Life for Mu Xia, the daughter of the family who owns the local inn. She is looking for a wooden doll from her childhood and can’t find it anywhere. Players will take up the task of searching for this doll that should be somewhere in the inn. Of course, the search is not that easy, and the instructions for the quest can be a bit misleading.

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Where is the Wooden Doll in Immortal Life

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The wooden doll is actually in the residence half of the Medicine Shop in Ferry Stop. However, players will need to talk to a few people first before the ability to find the item can be triggered. The player must first talk to Mu Xia’s mother, Matron Ye, to see if she has seen it. She will then direct players to talk to Ma Xiaozhu, one of the workers in the inn. Neither knows where it is, but players are given a hint as to where the doll might be.

The hint players are given is to look in a place where you might keep bottles and jars. Ma Xiaozhu had hinted at the doll still being. There is a giant shelf filled with jars in the inn, so I immediately went to search there, but nothing triggered. I looked in every nook and cranny of that inn and found nothing. I had assumed that there might be a glitch in the game and eventually gave up on the quest.

It wasn’t until I went to the Medicine Shop to buy some seeds that I explored the shop a bit when I suddenly discovered the doll to the left of the main entrance. I was then prompted to ask the little girl in the room why the doll was there. She explained that one of the children in town had found it and took it.

Bring the doll back to Mu Xia, and she will give players an accessory. It is a turtledove toy that will follow the players around as a little companion. I did enjoy the reward for the search.