September 24, 2023

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Starfield boasts a vast universe with many, many, different locations for you to explore. I almost want to say that you might not even be able to explore them all in a playtime that’s under four digits. The game is absolutely huge, and you can feel that when you’re trying to look around for certain places in the game. It can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack at times, and you can definitely feel like this looking for Neon. This location is somewhere you might want to go to early on in the game, Neon itself is a city filled with things to do, including a Trade Authority outpost for you to sell your smuggled goods. Here’s our guide on how to find Neon in Starfield.

How to find Neon in Starfield

Neon is actually rather tricky to find in Starfield. This is because unlike some other planets, it doesn’t share the same name as the city you’re trying to find, like Akila and Akila City. But don’t worry, you can find Neon pretty early on in the game. You can find Neon in the Volii system, to be more precise you can find Neon on the planet with the name Volii Alpha. It should be marked on the planet automatically, it was for me, but you can see the precise location in the image below.

Starfield How To Find Neon Map

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you get here, you’re going to want to continue down the path in front of you and into the elevator. Once you come out of the elevator you’ll be inside Neon and able to explore to your heart’s content and find whatever it is you need to find in Starfield.

What to do inside of Neon

When you find yourself in Neon in Starfield, you can find all sorts of things for you to do. You can sell your smuggled goods at the Trade Authority, you can pick up some new jobs at various mission boards around the town, and you can even shop around at the different shops such as Newill’s Goods, Sieghart Outfitters, and more. There’s even a few quests for you to do here.

Starfield is available for purchase on Steam.

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