How to find all Dancing Snowmen Locations in Grafton Farmhouse in Phasmophobia

While playing the Phasmophobia winter event, you’ll find a shocking amount of adorable Dancing Snowmen in the Grafton Farmhouse. This activity involves brandishing your snowball launcher and shooting any that you find, so here’s how to find them!

Grafton Farmhouse Dancing Snowmen Exterior Locations in Phasmophobia

Screenshot: PC Invasion

There are over 50 Dancing Snowmen at Grafton Farmhouse in Phasmophobia, with a bunch dotting the exterior. They are found looping around the exterior of the farmhouse, between the pumpkin patches, and on the fences. Pro tip: if you’re afraid of attracting a hunt after getting all the snowmen, save the exterior ones for last! Locations are specified below:

  • As you exit the truck, look left for one posted nearby.
  • Further ahead, look at the rocks, where one stands.
  • Perched atop the fence and on the camera near the entrance are 2 snowmen.
  • On another rock next to an unlit jack-o-lantern is another one.
  • In the middle of another pumpkin patch, a snowman asserts his dominance.
  • Along the rear porch, you’ll find one tucked in the inner corner of its railing.
  • Atop the fence posts, you’ll see one standing tall.
  • Beyond a pumpkin patch on the far corner opposite where you enter is a hidden one, which was the last one I found to complete my run.

These should have been trickier to spot in the dark, but they have a phosphorescent white glow that allows you to spot them more easily.

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Grafton Farmhouse interior main floor locations

Phasmophobia Grafton Farmhouse Dancing Snowmen Locations Interior
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The snowmen here aren’t hard to spot per se, but there are so many that it can be easy to second-guess yourself. Take the Ready or Not approach with a friend to make this easier, marking off rooms you’ve already checked such as the following:

  • Inside the front door, look up at the window where one stands, taunting you.
  • To the right of the door is another one perched on the shelf.
  • Turn away towards the upright piano and you’ll see one, almost beckoning to have a duet with you.
  • Along the walls is a light fixture with one perched on top.
  • On a bookshelf next to a propane tank is another, clearly getting his wife ready for the Boggle tournament.
  • At a round table with a checkered tablecloth stand three more, ready to have a lovely dinner and drinks.
  • Standing mighty atop another bookshelf reigns yet another snowman.
  • In a blue vase on the fireplace mantelpiece is another easter egg snowman, sorry, forgot which event this was.
  • On a coat rack’s top shelf is another one.
  • Planted in a pot on the kitchen stove rests another snowman, regretting its life choices.
  • On the windowsill nearby the white fridge is another one.
  • On a bookshelf next to a doorway with a corded phone and light fixture is, you guessed it, a snowman.
  • Atop the curtains, you will spot another snowman.
  • In a double bedroom, you’ll see a snowman seated at the desk, plotting the ghost hunt that’ll get you as soon as you find them all.
  • Near this desk sit two ominously positioned snowmen atop matching twin bed pillows.
  • Past these beds is another snowman atop a bookshelf.
  • In another room is a leather chair positioned to look out the window, with a snowman looking onward.
  • Just in the door past there is a room with moving boxes and 2 snowmen along the wall as you enter.
  • In what appears to be the master bedroom is a pair of snowmen, one on the nightstand, and another on the pillows.
  • On the floor between the radiator and a bench stands another snowman.
  • In the bathroom past this area is a snowman in a mop bucket.
  • Just nearby, inside a bathtub stands another dancing snowman.
  • Atop the toilet tank along the wall in this room is another one.
  • In the laundry room, there’s one on the washing machine to the left, and on the shelves to the right.

I wanted to wake from the fever dream by way of a lethal Snowball like in the recent COD update.

Grafton Farmhouse interior upstairs Dancing Snowmen locations in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia Grafton Farmhouse Dancing Snowmen Locations Upstairs
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The final stretch here’s where to find the remaining snowmen:

  • Upstairs, perched on the railing stands another snowman.
  • On the bottom of a small shelf is another.
  • Inside one of the bedrooms atop a green wardrobe is another snowman.
  • Turn away to face a double bed with a nightstand. Snowman.
  • Behind the door where you enter this room, is another snowman.
  • In the bathroom with checkered tile flooring and a broken mirror is a snowman at the feet of the vanity.
  • Atop the toilet tank stands another.
  • On top of the shower curtain rod is a precariously perched snowman up to some creepy business.
  • Inside the bedroom with a desk facing an axe on the wall, there’s a snowman on the bare twin mattress, and underneath as well.
  • On another coat rack shelf stands another snowman.
  • Inside a storage area is a snowman atop a blue bin, and on a ladder hanging off the loft above you.
  • On the other end of this loft is another snowman.
  • Behind plywood, another snowman.

Find these all, and shoot them with the snowball launcher you get at Sunny Meadows! By this point I was going snowblind or temporarily insane, so beating this one was cathartic.