How To Farm Eldricite in DD2

The Arisen’s chapter does not end with the main story completion in Dragon’s Dogma 2. There is a decent chunk of the story still left to be told in the post-game in the true ending, and with it, players are presented with opportunities to take on tougher foes and enhance their gear further. As the endgame marks a drastic shift in the game’s world, players will now need to rely on rare end-game resources if they wish to upgrade their equipment.

One such material is Eldricite, which will be required to upgrade certain weapons and armor to level 2 enhancement. Even though the in-game description does point players in the direction of the enemy they need to overcome to obtain the item, the location of these enemies might be difficult to figure out. The guide below sheds light on the most likely locations of the enemy to farm Eldricite and how to duplicate the item for multiple uses.



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Where To Find Eldricite in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Eldricite in Dragon's Dogma 2

Eldricite, as the in-game description notes, is a crystallized essence left by a specter and can be used to enhance equipment. Specters are phantom-like creatures that will appear as ghostly purple-colored clouds in the Unmoored World during the postgame section, regardless of the time of day. Prior to the Unmoored World, Specters instead were of a less menacing color, light blue, and they only appeared during the night. They also do not drop Eldricite material. Hence, this material is only restricted to late-game progression in the Unmoored World of DD2.

Purple Specter in Dragon's Dogma 2

Eldricite can be gathered by moving to areas that are more prevalent with Specters. One reliable location is just southwest of Vernworth. The route players should be taking is to move east and south from Harve Village as they try to make their way to the red beacon near Vernworth, as shown in the picture. This route will allow players to take down at least two Specters. The other most reliable locations include the Misty Marshes area, northeast of Checkpoint Rest Town, as well as near the dried-up shore of Seafloor Shrine.

Vernworth Castle Map in Dragon's Dogma 2

Once players have the required amount of Eldricite, they can take it to any blacksmith or armory to get their desired equipment enhanced to level 2. It is noteworthy that all smiths and armor vendors will move to Seafloor Shrine – Sacred Grounds once their respective cities or towns are evacuated.


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How To Forge Eldricite in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Ibrahim giving Eldricite in Dragon's Dogma 2

Since the item drop rate of Eldricite from Specters is low, it can be useful for players to forge the material for multiple uses once they’ve got one in their inventory. This can be done at Ibrahim’s Scrap Store for a little gold. Ibrahim can also restore quest items that have been lost during the game.

During post-game, all the merchants will move to Seafloor Shrine – Sacred Grounds as the Arisen continues his evacuation efforts. So Ibrahim can be found here in Seafloor Shrine as well, contrary to his initial location in Checkpoint Rest Town. Just make sure to rest no longer than 2 days, as required, to retrieve the requested forgery since time is a limited resource in the Unmoored World.

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