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EV training has always been one of the more complex aspects of the Pokemon series, and it’s alive and kicking in Tales of Tanorio, too. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to EV train in Tales of Tanorio.

Tales of Tanorio is a full-on monster catching RPG on the Roblox platform. It has the diverse creature lineup and colourful region you’d likely expect, but it also brings over more obscure aspects of the genre too, such as EV training. This is a complicated process, but well worth doing, particularly if you plan on getting involved in PvP later on. Read on to learn how to do it.

Tales of Tanorio is available to play right now via Roblox. If you’re looking for some rare Tanorians, check out our guides on Fordrake in Tales of Tanorio and how to get Flowither in Tales of Tanorio.

How To EV Train In Tales Of Tanorio

In this guide, we’ll go over what EV training is, and how you can do it in Tales of Tanorio.

What Is EV Training?

EV training is the process of building up specific EVs on your Tanorians to increase their stats in certain areas. What are EVs? EVs are ‘Effort Values,’ and they’re points that your Tanorians gain when they defeat another Tanorian in battle. Depending on the Tanorian defeated, these points could go towards any of the six stats in the game.

The more EVs a Tanorian has for a given stat, the higher that stat will be for them. An Eyaspire with 200 Attack EVs will have more Attack than one with only 100 Attack EVs, for example. Each Tanorian can have up to 200 EVs in a single stat, and 500 EVs in total. This gives you a lot of freedom to tailor their stats as you see fit, or just focus in on two key stats instead.

A nice touch that Tales of Tanorio adds is the ability to actually view the EVs for each of your Tanorians, rather than having to keep track of them yourself. You can do this by opening the ‘Effort’ tab on a Tanorian’s stats page.

Best EV Training Spots For Each Stat

So that’s what EV training is, but what are the best places to do it? The following is a list of some great spots for EV training each stat.

  • Health – Rematch the Trainer with a Fordrake in Kaigan Cliffs. This gives 2 Health EVs per battle.
  • Attack – Rematch the Trainer with a Snowkit after the bridge in Kaigan Cliffs. This gives 2 Attack EVs per battle.
  • Defense – Rematch the Trainer with a Gemistar by the entrance to Kaigan Cliffs. This gives 3 Defense EVs per battle.
  • Ranged Attack – Rematch the Trainer near the Fable Falls entrance to Pontero Pasture. This gives 1 Ranged Attack EV per battle.
  • Ranged Defense – Rematch the Trainer with an Eyaspire on Route 1. This gives 2 Ranged Defense EVs per battle.
  • Speed – The Speed stat is currently bugged in terms of EVs and Unique Stats, so there’s no way to EV train it for now.