How to craft a Knight Shield in LEGO Fortnite

Knight Shield is a great way to shield yourself from different kinds of attacks that you will get from different mobs around the world of LEGO Fortnite.

How to make a Knight Shield in LEGO Fortnite

There are different kinds of Knight Shields in LEGO Fortnite and they are categorized according to their rarity and strength. Here is how you can craft every type of Knight Shield.

Common Knight Shield

Crafting a common Knight Shield is an easy process. You will need x5 Plank and x1 Cord to craft a common Knight Shield. Planks can be produced by putting Wood inside a Lumber Mill. Whereas a cord can be produced by putting Vines inside a Spinning Wheel. Vines can be collected by destroying bushes that are abundant in the grasslands.

Uncommon Knight Shield

To craft an Uncommon Knight Shield you will need x18 Flexwood Rod and x3 Cord. You can collect Flexwood by destroying Cactuses that can only be found in the Dry Valley of Mesas or the desert biome. Now, put the Flexwood inside the Lumber Mill to produce Flexwood Rods.

Rare Knight Shield

All you need to craft a Rare Knight Shield is x15 Copper Bar. Copper can be found inside the Lava Caves in the desert biome. Inside the caves, you can break the Copper ores to collect Copper. Afterwards, Copper Bars can be produced by putting them inside a Metal Smelter.

Epic Knight Shield

Epic Knight Shield can be crafted just with one material, Iron Bar. Just like Copper, Irons also need to be collected from inside the caves. But these need to be collected from the caves located in the Frostlands. The necessity of Frostland exploration is what makes the crafting process of an Epic Knight Shield so tough for the players.

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How to upgrade a Knight Shield in LEGO Fortnite

Lego Fortnite Bench Upgrade

To upgrade a Knight Shield in LEGO Fortnite, you will need to upgrade your crafting bench to the same level. For example, crafting an Epic Knight Shield will require you to upgrade your Crafting Bench to the Epic level as well. Here are all the recipes for all the Crafting Bench levels.

  • Common Crafting Bench: x3 Wood, and x5 Granite.
  • Uncommon Crafting Bench: x8 Plank, and x3 Shell.
  • Rare Crafting Bench: x12 Knotroot Rod, x15 Marble Slab, x6 Sand Claw, and x3 Sand Shell.
  • Epic Crafting Bench: x15 Copper Bar, x25 Obsidian Slab, x1 Brute Scale.

How to use a Knight Shield in LEGO Fortnite

Knight Shield can be held on your off-hand slot and will work as a shield from enemy attacks. This tool is much needed when you are going against tough opponents like the Orange Wolves. To make sure you stay alive during your exploration by sustaining damage, you must build this shield and take it with you in dangerous areas. The more you progress through the game, the higher level of Knight Shield must be crafted by you for ensuring your survival.

While exploring the world with a Knight Shield in your hand, learn how to make your weapon more durable in LEGO Fortnite.