How To Complete The Turning the Page Investigation In Skull and Bones

Turning the Page is one of the first Skull and Bones Investigations you’ll probably encounter, given you can discover it in Sainte-Anne. However, it’s one of the most challenging Investigations in the game owing to its many high-level, level-10 ships to beat. You might also find yourself stuck and wondering what to do with only a few mysterious pages surrounding the mystery of the ‘Kit the Tiger’ writer.



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Turning the Page is a testing investigation in many ways, so it is worth taking the time to prepare, raise your Infamy, and level up your ship before beginning. You might also want to use Skull and Bones‘ Call For Help mechanic to help your chances of success by completing it with other players. Fortunately, there are a few steps that can help you along your way to completing it and unraveling the mystery.

Updated March 19th, 2024 by Russ Boswell: There are quite a few investigations for players to sift through in Skull and Bones, with some of them being a bit more difficult to unravel than others. Players will need to find clues to progress these unique missions, which can offer good rewards and EXP. To better help players with how to complete the Turning The Page Investigation in Skull and Bones, the following guide has been updated with a companion video.

Skull and Bones Turning the Page Investigation Walkthrough

How To Unlock the Investigation

To unlock Turning the Page, you’ll need to bribe the two pirates not far from the dock and Scurlock’s quarters for information, as marked by the purple rumor icon on your map. This rumor informs you to try searching The Low Tidetavern in Sainte-Anne for information on Jacques Sorrel’s whereabouts. On entering the tavern, collect the wanted-poster-style leaflet by the bar. Collecting this updates the first pages of your Investigation journal with the first clue – a picture of Sorrel.

While the clue doesn’t exactly reveal much, check out the Turning the Page objective in your diary for a clue about what to do next. It says Jacques Sorrel is said to be living in Sainte-Amelie, just off the coast of Ile Royale.

Sail to Ile Royale and Plunder Sainte-Amelie

Skull and bones plundering sainte amelie in turning the page investigation guide

You can find Sainte-Amelie located to the southwest of Sainte-Anne in the Ile Royale region. Saint-Amelie is a small settlement to the southeast of the large island in the area, as marked on the map below. To get the next clue, you’ll have to plunder Sainte-Amelie by choosing the Plunder rather than the Interact option when sailing towards it.

Skull and Bones Sainte-Amelie map location



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Complete the Plunder for the Next Clue

Skull and bones plundering sainte amelie in turning the page investigation

The first stage of the plunder involves destroying two towers. The one on the left is pretty easy to beat as it doesn’t have many defenses, so aim for the top of the tower with high-powered fire-based weapons if possible, like Fire Bombard I, to take it down quicker. The tower on the right is much trickier, so avoid getting too close. Fortunately, you can still shoot it from a safe distance to cheese the battle and avoid taking any damage, something that’s handy for the more challenging stages.

Once you’ve completed the first plunder stage, you’ll get the next clue, as pictured below, which indicates you need to finish your plundering efforts on Saint-Amelie.

Following this, several tricky waves of higher-level ships arrive, so take them down as quickly as possible and use repair kits to repair your ship. It’s best to take out the small, ramming ships first, which can inflict devastating damage upon impact, followed by the two larger ships. However, there are five waves in total overall, so be prepared for a potentially long fight, as this becomes more challenging when even more ships join the battle.

Skull and Bones plundering Sainte-Amelie in turning the page investigation

Search For La Plume Ship

Once you’ve successfully plundered Sainte-Amelie, you’ll get an objective marker on your map pointing you toward the Southwest Passage. Sail there and search for a high-level ship called La Plume using your spyglass. You must now destroy La Plume to get the final clue in another challenging battle.

Return To Sainte-Anne To Speak With Anja Rakotomang

Afterward, you can use Skull and Bones‘ fast-travel mechanics at an outpost to travel back to Sainte-Anne or sail back if you prefer. At Sainte-Anne, speak with Anja Rakotomang located at the Warehouse to complete the Turning the Page investigation. This solves the mystery of ‘Kit the Tiger’ and rewards you with some well-earned loot.


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February 16, 2024