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Sols RNG Spotted The Sol is an intriguing achievement in that it gives nothing away! The only hint to go off is that the achievement and game share a name… But what does it mean? My guide tells you how to complete this achievement, though be warned, it’s not easy.

Sol’s RNG is a unique Roblox game that is basically a kid-friendly gambling addiction. The main goal in the game is to obtain as many auras as possible! You have unlimited rolls, and you can also craft items to increase your overall luck. In short, the endgame is being able to flex the rarest and coolest auras around!

To learn more about Sol’s RNG, visit the official Roblox page. We’ve also got Sol’s RNG Tier List which ranks all obtainable auras from best to worst! Or, take a step back and try our How to Play Sol’s RNG The Easy Way guide.

Sols RNG Spotted The Sol

Think birdwatching but for DEVs. Spotted the Sol is one of the achievements within Sols RNG which gives the players a sum of coins to boost their aura storage and motivate them to keep playing. But why add a near-impossible achievement? For fun, I reckon. This achievement may be harder to complete than obtaining the rarest auras of the game like Glitch and Impeached.

Have You Spotted The Sol?

Or maybe think Where’s Walso but for DEVs? If you’ve not picked up on my hints yet then I’ll just come right out and say it. In the simplest terms, if you spot the DEV, Sol within the game then you will have unlocked the Spotted The Sol Achievement. This means there is no way to prepare for this achievement, no grinding, looting, luck boosts, nothing! Only the absolute luckiest of players will be adorned with this achievement all in return for a measly 50 coins payout.