How to Complete Allegiance to the Old Gods Quest in WoW Classic SoD

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Today we will visit a dungeon, so sharpen your sword and practice your spells! Here is how to Complete Allegiance to the Old Gods Quest in WoW Classic SoD.

WoW Classic: How to Complete Allegiance to the Old Gods Quest in SoD

Blackfathom Deeps Wow Classic Location
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Contrary to many quests that will only take a bit of exploring and fighting, Allegiance to the Old Gods will see you entering the Blackfathom Deeps dungeon where you will need to fight alongside your friends to eventually defeat your main target: Lorgus Jett. However, you are going to have to take some steps before to can get and complete this quest. While it is obvious, be sure to bring decent gear with you so that you can survive this dungeon. Now, another caveat of this quest is that it is exclusive to the Horde, so the Alliance can sit this one out. Anyway, the first thing you need to do is head to Blackfathom Deeps and kill Blackfathom Tide Priestess mobs. They will drop an item called Damp Note.

Jeneu Sancrea Wow Classic Location
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Once you have the Damp Note you will need to talk to Je’neu Sancrea, an NPC found at Zoram’gar Outpost (11.6, 34.2). He will task you with venturing inside the Blackfathom Deeps dungeon to defeat Lorgus Jett. This dungeon features a decent amount of mini-bosses, with Lorgus being one of them He will be patrolling the area and is reported to be an encounter that happens after defeating Gelihast, the third boss in the dungeon. Here is how to defeat the bosses up to Lorgus Kett in Blackfathom Deeps:

Blackfathom Deeps Encounters

Boss Strategy
Ghamoo-Ra A heavy tank with increased armor and reduced damage income. Keep attacking it until you defeat Ghamoo-Ra.
Lady Sarevess Lady Sarevess has two other Naga as her sidekicks. Be sure to defeat them first so that you can focus all of your power on defeating her.
Gelihast While fighting Gelihast is pretty straightforward, it is strongly recommended to clear all the Murloc mobs that appear in the room.
Lorgus Jett Be aware that Lorgus Jett is not a stationary mini-boss, so you could stumble upon him while he is patrolling the Deeps. Deal AoE attacks to clear adds and also prevent any enemy healing.

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Return to Je’neu Sancrea and you will finish the quest. You will receive the following rewards:

  • Band of the Fist.
  • Chestnut Mantle.
  • 2,650 Experience.
  • 150 Reputation with Darkspear Trolls.

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