How to complete 23 Megabytes Misson efficiently in Ready or Not

Your latest mission involves a crackdown on a seedy game developer which devolves into a hostage/active shooter situation. It’s dangerous, but there’s a quick and methodical pace to it. Here’s how to complete the 23 Megabytes mission efficiently in Ready or Not!

How to quickly complete the 23 Megabytes mission in Ready or Not

You can efficiently beat the 23 Megabytes mission in Ready or Not by restraining all suspects and hostages, bagging all the guns, and reporting all soft objectives. The first floor is just the entrance, with the action taking place on the second and third floors.

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Below is a step-by-step guide to clearing the map efficiently:

23 Megabytes mission second-floor guide

Even just beyond the first doorway, you can find enemies when starting 23 Megabytes in Ready or Not.

  1. Inside the main entrance, sweep for hostages or hostiles, one of either has randomly appeared here
  2. Up the first set of stairs, approach slowly in a canted aiming stance to watch for hostiles
    • There’s almost always an enemy on this floor or the one above, and they can shoot at you
  3. To the left from where you come up the first flight of stairs is a door leading to a group of enemies and hostages
    • Whether running in a team or solo, have someone breach the door with a shotgun and flashbang
  4. Step out and go left to a door leading to a staircase; ignore the ones going down, and go up instead
Screenshot: PC Invasion

23 Megabytes third-floor guide

The second floor is where things get more predictable, with 2 main areas you’ll need to clear.

  1. There’s an open door, so use another flashbang here as there are usually hostiles inside
  2. Stick to your left and you’ll see a bathroom to your right with a hostage; secure her
  3. Backtrack to the room you just flash banged, you should be able to open this door to reach the upper floor
    • Alternatively, you can reach this same spot from the stairs where you first entered
  4. Breach this door, and prepare for a firefight, where your prime suspect (Michael) will be
  5. Restrain all targets, this should prompt the mission to end
Third Floor
Screenshot: PC Invasion

23 Megabytes is only the second mission you’ll play in Ready or Not, but it’s a good test of the basics. I’d also argue it flows a lot better than ‘Thank You, Come Again.’ Make sure you’re giving your officers breaks between missions!

23 Megabytes mission soft objectives in Ready or Not

There are 3 soft objectives in this mission:

  • Server Farm
  • Prohibited Images
  • Suspect’s PC

You can find the Server Farm up the first flight of stairs, in the hallway leading to a purple server room. To the left down this hallway is a small room and on your left is the Server Farm.

23 Megabytes Mission Efficiently Ready Or Not Server Farm
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Prohibited Images are upstairs on Michael’s nightstand next to his bed, while the Suspect’s PC is the big obnoxious gaming rig near his bed.

  • 23 Megabytes Mission Efficiently Ready Or Not Pc
  • 23 Megabytes Mission Efficiently Ready Or Not Images

Complete these three objectives before hitting ‘Y’ to exfil, and you’ll get a solid ranking in the 23 Megabytes mission in Ready or Not! If you’re ever having trouble finding evidence or enemy weapons, make sure you know when you can use your flashlight!