How to Choose the Best Gaming Headset with Mic For PC in 2024

Gamers need plenty of accessories for a satisfying gaming experience, such as a gaming headset. With the right headset, the players fully immerse themselves in the game’s environment. These headsets come in various designs, and this discussion looks at the selections with a microphone for PC.

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Gaming headsets with a functional microphone are ideal for players who desire fully interactive gameplay on their PCs where they can communicate with their fellow gamers seamlessly. That said, choosing an ideal headset with mic for PC can be tough, and many customers may end up with a less desirable utility. Fortunately, this guide is here for you;

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Tips on How to Choose the Best Gaming Headset with Mic For PC

  1. Material and build quality
  2. Compatibility
  3. Sound quality
  4. Mic quality
  5. Mode of transmission
  6. Aesthetics
  7. Comfort
  8. Price
  9. Extra features
  10. Open-back or closed-back design

Tip 1: Headset Material and Build Quality

It is crucial for customers to check the material of the headsets they want to purchase. Headsets sport various materials, primarily plastic, polymer, metal, and many more, depending on the part. High-quality materials and overall build translate to longevity, particularly for PC gamers, saving users from incurring random repair and replacement costs.

When looking at quality, customers should carefully inspect the headset, paying keen attention to the components. The cables are crucial parts of the audio utility, and they should be flexible to resist breakage when twisted or tagged on, which can happen frequently when gaming. Braided cables do an excellent job in wear resistance.

The headband is a vital component of the headsets, and its material should be hard but flexible for comfort and durability. Customers can physically inspect the headsets to be sure of their quality. Audio gadgets sporting metallic and heavy-duty plastic parts are among the best for overall quality and resilience. One of Game Rant’s favorites is the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro 2023 Edition. The microphone has a wider frequency, it sounds great, and is pretty comfortable on the ears.

Tip 2: Compatibility

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming He

The best gaming headphones with a mic should be compatible with the user’s PC. Customers can start by looking at the connection type to avoid getting a utility that doesn’t work with their devices. Most headsets have a 3.5mm audio jack, which works with most PCs, while others have USB ports. Gamers must check the ports of their devices to avoid a hit-or-miss situation when getting the audio add-on.

Customers interested in wireless headsets should ensure their PCs have Bluetooth connectivity or the relevant wireless technology. Still, on compatibility, some audio hardware works with specific operating systems. Many gaming headphones are versatile and work with different platforms, but there are picks that work with select operating systems, like MacOS and Linux.

Users must also confirm the software and driver requirements of the gaming headphones. Some brands have accompanying software for effortless integration and excellent service. The Logitech G533 is a great pick in this category as it is compatible with most PCs, has good sound quality, long battery life and a comfortable design.

Tip 3: Sound Quality

Turtle Beach Recon 70x Wired Gaming Headset

Sound quality is crucial when choosing the best gaming headset with mic for PC. Buyers can weigh several elements to judge the useful properties of an audio output device. First, they can check the audio drivers, which are responsible for converting electrical signals to sound.

Regarding the audio drivers, the focus is primarily on the size, quality, and tuning. Typically, larger drivers translate to better bass, while top-grade drivers ensure excellent sound quality. Different headphone brands use varying tuning measures for unique sounds. Headsets with surround sound are among the best, as they create an immersive audio environment perfect for gaming. Some headsets employ true surround using multiple speakers but can be quite heavy. Advanced audio hardware utilizes different algorithms to achieve directional audio.

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Customers can also check the headset’s sensitivity and impedance to get a hint of its quality. Sensitivity focuses on the effectiveness of the audio gadget in turning electrical signals into sound. The higher the sensitivity, the higher the audio pitch, and it’s advisable for users to get a utility with balanced sensitivity. Impedance is the resistance to the electrical signal. A higher impedance translates to better sound quality, though it may need more power.

New-age headsets sport noise cancellation and isolation features for better sound reception and ensure minimal outside interference. These are among the best and suitable for gamers who want minimal disturbance as they progress in their gameplay.

Tip 4: Mic Quality

Beyerdynamic MMX 200

Most gamers assume mic quality when buying gaming headsets, instead, focusing more on their audio capabilities. Mic quality is as crucial as audio quality and is a must-consider factor, especially for online gamers and streamers for consistent communication.

Individuals buying headsets with a mic must check out several facets to determine the mic’s quality. For starters, they can look at the type of microphone, which can be detachable or built-in. The former is ideal due to its flexibility and generally better positioning. Gamers can remove the detachable mics if they don’t want audio output. On the other hand, detachable mics are less cumbersome.

Customers can also look at directionality, referring to sound capturing. The microphones can be unidirectional, receiving sound from one direction, or omnidirectional, capturing sound from multiple directions. Unidirectional microphones are the most suitable for gaming and streaming, as they solely focus on players’ voices and hardly capture background noises.

Speaking of background noises, they are a nuisance most gamers deal with. The good news is gamers can steer away from this problem, owing to advancements in mic technology. For instance, some mics and headsets have noise isolation and cancellation features to deal with background noises, shifting focus to the user’s voice. Built-in pop filters and windshields deal with plosive sounds and reduce the effect of wind and other sound stimuli. This results in clarity and better sound reception. Built-in mic monitoring allows users to listen to their voices and make the proper adjustments for better reception. The mic should be compatible with standard voice chat software for effective communication.

Tip 5: Mode of Transmission

best gaming headset deals

On mode of transmission, we have two types of headsets: wired vs. wireless. As their name hints, wired has a cable connection, whereas wireless lacks a wire. Typically, wired headphones use a 3.5mm jack that users plug into their PCs.

Advanced wired audio hardware features the versatile USB-C plug, which many devices are increasingly adopting. There are also proprietary connectors that work with certain gaming PCs. Wireless headsets connect to PCs via Bluetooth and may require a Bluetooth dongle, while others connect via Wi-Fi. Hybrid headphones have a removable cable and can work wirelessly.

Both wired and wireless headphones with mics have perks and downsides for PC gaming; customers should weigh them before picking their preferred selection. Wired headsets don’t require charging, and users can use them anytime. Their main downside is limited movement. However, this shouldn’t be an issue with PC gaming as there’s usually very minimal movement.

Wireless headphones allow unrestricted movement, provided the players are within the detection range. However, users need to regularly charge them to use them.

Tip 6: Aesthetics

JBL Quantum ONE

Many gamers love unique accessories that make them stand out from the pack. They may go for aesthetically pleasing headphones with colors and designs that show off their personality and preferences. This is true for online gamers and streamers who may want to showcase their distinct extras to their audiences and fellow players.

There are gaming headphones with a futuristic appearance that match the aesthetics of the unique RGB gaming rigs. Their outlook complements the gaming atmosphere and puts gamers in the mood for extreme gameplay. Some may come with custom stickers, which users can stick on the cups or headbands.

Tip 7: Comfort

Comfortable headsets with mic(1)

Comfort is essential for gamers, especially those who spend extended time advancing their gameplay. Regarding headphones and comfort, buyers factor in the design, looking at the flexibility of the headband, cushioning, and weight.

The headband should be flexible enough or adjustable to adequately fit the user’s head. Headphones with less elastic headbands may feel uncomfortable and even fall when in use, which can be inconvenient for gamers.

The cups and headband need cushioning for less ear and head strain. Some headsets have memory foam cushioning, which ensures maximum comfort. Lightweight headphones are the best, as they don’t feel bulky on the user.

Tip 8: Price

Keep Budget and Value for Money

For many customers, budget is the number one priority when looking for the best gaming headset with mic for PC. A mistake many buyers make is going for cheap accessories, which are friendly on their pockets for the short-term. However, they can be expensive in the long run, as most cheap headsets are of poor quality, and gamers have to fix or replace them.

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The best way to go is to get top-grade headphones at a reasonable price, a perfect balance between quality and cost. This is an excellent bargain that keen buyers will effortlessly nail. Still, on the price discussion, some gamers may be tempted to buy second-hand accessories, which are typically cheaper. The downside to the used headset for sale is that the buyer cannot fully judge its quality, plus it lacks a warranty.

While quality headsets can be costly, they offer the best value.

Gtheos 2.4GHz Wireless Gaming He

Headphones may come with extras for user convenience. The extra features may include a Bluetooth dongle, a charger, ear cup padding, and stickers. Each item serves a purpose, and the more, the better.

Tip 10: Open-Back Vs. Closed-Back Design

Drop + EPOS PC38X Gaming Headset

Gaming headsets may be open-back or closed-back, reflecting on their design, which affects the sound output. Open-back headphones have ear cups with openings that allow sound and wind to pass through.

They are breathable and comfy, ideal for gamers who game for extended periods. A good example is the Drop + EPOS PC38X Gaming Headset. It has a comfortable and lightweight design, meaning users can wear it all day. The microphone also sounds incredible.

They present less ear fatigue, and the sound feels more natural. The downside of open-back headsets is that sound can leak; thus, they are unsuitable for users who want a private session. Closed-back headphones’ ear cups have a concealed design, preventing the sound leaking and interference of wind and other stimuli. They have a strong bass response and are perfect for users who want privacy. The setback of such audio gadgets is less breathability, which can be uncomfortable for users.

Does the Headphone Brand Matter?

As with most electronics, the headphone brand hints at quality, performance, and device compatibility. Some brands are renowned for their quality products, and their headsets won’t disappoint functionally. On compatibility, headphones from the same brand as the PC will effortlessly integrate without needing special hardware or software.

Headphones from leading brands may be pricey due to their quality. Nevertheless, buyers are sure of the best value and service.

What About Warranty

Buyers should check the warranty terms of the headsets they want before purchasing them. The contract outlines what the buyer gets in case of product damage or malfunction and duration. Reasonable warranties last 6-12 months and cover the customer against several eventualities.

Gaming headsets are a must-have for players who want a satisfying gaming experience where they fully enjoy the virtual environment without external interference. Choosing the best gaming headset with mic can be a walk in the park, as this discussion shows tips on getting the suitable gadget.

Customers must pay attention to essentials like the product material and build quality, comfort, price, and aesthetics, among others, as highlighted in this guide. Warranty is also crucial, saving buyers from dealing with faulty utilities.

  • wired gaming headset

    Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset

    Best Wired Gaming Headset With Mic For PC

    $120 $130 Save $10

    The second generation Logitech G Pro X gaming headset supports the high-fidelity surround sound of DTS Headphone 7.1 through its 50 mm PRO-G drivers. The wired headphones are compatible with most platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.

    The headset comes with a detachable microphone with real-time Blue Voice technology that reduces ambient noise and improves audio quality. The memory foam ear cushions offer passive noise-canceling and comfort of breathability. 

  • Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

    Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

    The Best Wireless Gaming Headset With MIc For PC

    $293 $330 Save $37

    The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro matches the capabilities of the best wireless gaming headsets but improves upon them in every way imaginable. The Stealth Pro is powered by 50mm Nanoclear drivers that are hand-selected to reduce discrepancies between left and right audio channels. Active Noise Cancellation can reduce unwanted background noise by as much as 25 dB.

    For maximum listening time, the Stealth Pro allows for easy swapping of 12-hour batteries, with one battery continuously charged to avoid disappointing gamers. The Stealth Pro comes in two versions for compatibility with the PC/Xbox or PC/PS4/PS5 and is capable of simultaneous connections to Bluetooth sources.

  • HyperX Cloud Flight Gaming Headset

    HyperX Cloud Flight Gaming Headset

    Best Budget Gaming Headset With Mic For PC

    The HyperX Cloud Flight gaming headset has a comfortable design and durable construction with adjustable steel sliders on the headband. The headset features a gaming-grade 2.4 GHz wireless connection that offers lag-free gaming. The battery on this device can last up to 30 hours on one charge. Enjoy immersive, high-quality sound and deliver crystal clear directions to your teammates with a noise-canceling microphone.

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Q: Is A Mic Necessary on A Gaming Headset?

The microphone on a gaming headset allows for an interactive gaming experience where players can communicate with their audience or competitors. It is necessary for online players and streamers who constantly talk with their counterparts while gaming.

Q: How Do I Know If My Headset Has A Mic?

The best way to tell if a gaming headset has a mic is by checking its structure for the boom. It can be hard to know for headsets with built-in mics; in this case, the buyer must read the product labeling to determine whether it has a microphone or not.

Q: How Much Does A Good Gaming Headset with Mic for PC Cost?

The price of a gaming headset varies according to several variables like brand, extras, dealer, and more. Typically, they can cost as little as $20 to as much as $350, with the most expensive being top-grade and offering excellent sound quality.