How to Change Throwing Styles (The Indigo Disk DLC)

Throwing Styles can help you stand out from other trainers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet –here’s how to get and change them.

As you start doing the main questline in The Indigo Disk DLC, you’ll eventually need to meet up with Carmine at the Central Plaza, which is right in the middle of the Terarium, connecting the four biomes. Speak with her, and you’ll be introduced to Drayton, one of the BB League Elite Four members. He’ll take you to the League Club room back at Blueberry Academy. You can get more Throwing Styles and change them out in this room.


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How to Unlock Throwing Styles in The Indigo Disk DLC

By interacting with the PC in the League Club room, you can donate BP (earned for completing BBQs) to some of the other student clubs on campus. As part of the storyline, you’ll be forced to donate 150 BP to the baseball club, unlocking the Smug and Elegant throwing styles.

Head back to the Support Board (PC) to donate even more BP towards the baseball club. You can unlock the Twirling and Ninja styles for the next request.

How to Change Throwing Styles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Now, it turns out that there’s no way to change throwing styles in the in-game menu or while out on the field. You must return to the Support Board to the League Club room and donate 10 BP to Mitch to change the style. Unfortunately, you have to pay every time.

You can also unlock wild Starter Pokemon in each biome by donating BP to the Terarium Club via the Support Board. Each upgrade will cost 3000 BP, though, so completing all four requests might take some time.

What are Throwing Styles?

ninja throwing style indigo disk dlc

Once you enter a Pokemon battle with another trainer, your character will throw its first Pokemon out, and depending on the style you have equipped, your trainer will perform a certain motion. There’s no perk for changing out the throwing style –it’s simply a visual touch that can make your in-game Pokemon trainer character more unique.