How to Catch Tilapia in Stardew Valley

Fishing is an exciting activity that helps players achieve self-sustainability in their farm life. The serene waters in Stardew Valley are teeming with all kinds of unique fish, from common Tuna to rare Midnight Carp. Among these, the Tilapia fish stands out as a prized catch.

Tilapia is a popular vegetarian fish that can be found in the oceans. These fish can adapt to different environmental conditions and have multiple uses. Tilapia is also a good option for selling at its base price of 75 gold. Players can also choose to put it in a pond where they reproduce every 2 days and yield Tilapia Roe. Those who are wondering where to catch Tilapia can continue reading this guide.


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How to Catch Tilapia

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As mentioned earlier, Tilapia is an Ocean fish, meaning that it can be caught during Summer and Fall at The Beach. Players who have selected the Beach Farm layout can conveniently catch Tilapia while on their farm premises. Additionally, those with access to Ginger Island can fish for Tilapia in the North and West waters of the island during any season.

The best time to catch Tilapia is by fishing between the hours of 6 AM and 2 PM. Alternatively, players can use a Magic Bait to catch Tilapia, regardless of the season or time of day.

Tilapia can also be purchased from Krobus’ Shop on Wednesdays for 200 gold coins. It may also appear in the Traveling Cart where its prices range from 225 to 1,000 gold coins.

Uses of Tilapia

Tilapia doesn’t make a good gift for any of the residents of Pelican Town. However, a few of these townsfolk, namely Elliot, Leo, Demetrius, Linus, Sebastian, Pam, and Willy have a neutral reaction when they receive Tilapia as a gift.

Tilapia is also used to complete the Ocean Fish Bundle in the Fish Tank of the Community Center. It is also a key ingredient in many recipes, such as Maki Rolls and Sashimi. Tilapia can also be used to make a Quality Fertilizer.

Additionally, Demetrius may ask the player to catch 10 Tilapia in the Summer to control the aquatic overpopulation. His request is displayed on the Special Orders board outside the Mayor’s Manor. Players are rewarded with the Farm Computer recipe and gold equivalent to the price of the fish.

The base sell price of Tilapia is increased by +25% for those with the Fisher Profession and by +50% for those in the Angler Profession.

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