How to Build a Working Monorail in LEGO Fortnite

Fortnite has made an amazing comeback yet again after player counts dropped with the introduction of the new season and reworked movement mechanics. Four new game modes are now available for fans all over the world to enjoy. This includes their groundbreaking collaboration with LEGO to introduce a survival game mode akin to the likes of popular releases such as Minecraft and Valheim. However, the map in LEGO Fortnite covers 95 square kilometers and is procedurally generated, which makes it unpredictable and vast.


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This makes it difficult for players to access different locations fast enough due to the lack of a reliable transport system. Hence, players have quickly found ways to travel to and from different biomes using monorails. Creators are currently experimenting with different types of monorails as a stable build is still tough to lay down, so here’s a tried and tested guide to building one in LEGO Fortnite.

Building Functional Monorails in LEGO Fortnite

Step One: Find Two Elevated Landscapes

Building a Monorail drastically reduces the time required to travel once players have gathered enough materials, as it can be pretty difficult for beginners. However, the first step to building one is to locate two elevated landscapes that can either be naturally present on the map or artificially made.

One should make sure that the gap between the elevated points does not have any obstruction in the way. Then, players should start by building thin floors that are durable enough to withstand any unforeseen accidents on the dynamic foundations.

A prime example of that would be ancient thin floors which can be crafted by frostpines. The measurement of these floors should be 12 x 2 x 1 and once players farm enough of these thin floors to traverse the gap, connecting the elevated points with them is the first step.


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The easiest way to do this involves using the snap mode by holding LT on controllers and RMB on mice, which automatically adjusts the thin floors to fit in place one after the other without any misalignment.

Step Two: Dynamic Foundations

dynamic foundations lego fortnite

The next step is placing a pair of dynamic foundations on the thin floors without them touching each other while also making sure that they fit right at the center of the bridge. Any faults in this area may cause the dynamic foundations to fly off to the dominant side when activated.

To build a pair of dynamic foundations, players need eight flexwood. The quickest method of obtaining flexwood is visiting the desert biome and looking for brutes. One can lure these brutes to nearby cacti and bait them into breaking the trees. This quickly solves the need to wait until obtaining the rare variety of forest axes.

The safest way of building a monorail involves two dynamic foundations as the thrusters should face each other. Now, players need elevated foundations on each of their dynamic foundations.


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The wood foundation 02 is the perfect size for this as it has a dimension of 4 x 16 x 2. The wood foundation should be placed on the edge of the dynamic foundations so that the opposite side of the wood foundations can be used to attach three thrusters.

In simpler terms, one dynamic foundation should have a wood foundation at the back side while the other dynamic foundation should have one at the front. Hence, one is used for going forward while the other takes players backward.

Onto the large thrusters, you should place three of them on the exposed side of each wood foundation. To unlock the blueprint for large thrusters, players need to get a piece of flexwood. Hence, building six large thrusters requires a total of 18 wooden rods, 12 blast powders, and 6 torches. While wooden rods and torches are easy to get in the game, blast powder requires a bit more work.

To find blast powder, players need to visit the desert biome at night to defeat the skeletons wearing bandanas and cowboy hats. Defeating them is quite easy with an uncommon longsword or with a follower close by.

Each skeleton has a chance of dropping blast powder, but it depends on one’s luck. However, this should not be a hassle, since the skeletons always stay in groups and are visible from a distance due to the light from their torches.


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Optional Step: Railings

The next step is optional but has its own aesthetic and safety reasons. This involves surrounding the dynamic foundations with railings to avoid falling off when the monorail is in motion.

Then it’s time to stabilize the build by using eight small wheels. The blueprint for this can be unlocked by obtaining a flexwood rod. To build eight small wheels, players need a total of eight flexwood and eight flexwood rods. Once players have enough flexwood, they can use the lumber mill to swiftly make flexwood rods.

Placing them along the thin floors with two on each side underneath the dynamic foundations makes up a well-balanced monorail. It should be noted that no space can be allowed between the small wheels and the thin floors. This makes sure that the dynamic foundations do not fly out of the designated thin floors when the thrusters are activated.

The lengthy process nears its end as players merely need two activation switches on each of the dynamic foundations to start the thrusters. Hence, the dynamic foundations can be used to go back and forth as many times as the players desire.

To summarize, the essential items needed to build a functional monorail in LEGO Fortnite are:

  • Dynamic foundation x2: 8 flexwood
  • Small wheel x8: 8 flexwood, 8 flexwood rods
  • Large thruster x6: 18 wooden rods, 12 blast powder, 6 torches
  • Activation switch x2: 2 wood, 2 blast powder.
  • Thin floors of choice: Dependent on Monorail Length



July 25, 2017

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