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In Project Slayers, you can choose to join either side of the central conflict between Demons and Demon Slayers. If you want to know how to become a Demon in Project Slayers, our guide has you covered.

Project Slayers is an Action RPG on the Roblox platform. Based on the world of popular anime series Demon Slayer, it lets you build up a character as you see fit and explore a vast open world. While it’s easier to side with the titular Demon Slayers in the game, you can choose to join the side of the Demons instead if you’d prefer. Our guide will show you how.

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How To Become A Demon In Project Slayers

There are a few steps you’ll need to complete before you can take on Demon form in Project Slayers. In this guide, we’ll break down each of them.

Track Down Muzan

The first thing you’ll need to do is locate an NPC called Muzan. He only appears at night, and he has many possible locations he can appear in. Since the one he chooses each night is random, it can take some trial end error to finally find him. His locations are as follows:

  • Next to the Giyu Boss, south of Butterfly Mansion.
  • Next to the Slasher Boss, at the start of Dangerous Woods.
  • To the south-east of Butterfly Mansion.
  • To the west of Kiribating Village.
  • To the north-east of Kiribating Village.
  • To the north of Ushumaru Village.
  • To the north-east of Ushumaru Village.
  • At the start of Zapiwara Cave.
  • East of the Zanegutsu Kuuchie Boss on Zapiwara Mountain.
  • At the start of Abubu Cave.
  • To the right of Ouwbayashi’s House.
  • Between some houses in Kabiwaru Village.

Complete Muzan’s Questline

Once you find Muzan, talk to him to begin his questline. This involves completing two tasks: delivering Doctor Higoshima to Muzan, and collecting 5 Blue Spider Lilies.

The first part is fairly straightforward. Simply locate Doctor Higoshima in his house, pick him up with H, and bring him to Muzan’s location.

Getting the Blue Spider Lilies is a bit more tricky. These are rare flowers that spawn across the map, so there isn’t one particular place you can find them in. They are much easier to see at night, however, since they glow blue during that time, so you’ll want to hunt for them at night if possible.

Drink Muzan’s Blood

Once you’ve finished Muzan’s questline, he’ll give you your reward: an item called Muzan’s Blood. Using this item has a 75% chance of turning you into a Demon. If you get unlucky and it doesn’t work, you will unfortunately have to repeat this entire process again, starting from the top.