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The Gym battle is a hallmark feature of the monster catching genre. In this guide, we break down Rya’s Gym from Tales of Tanorio, the first Stadium you’ll face on your League journey.

Tales of Tanorio is a monster catching game on the Roblox platform. With a detailed 3D world and voice acting, it punches well above its weight, while still delivering on the fundamentals that make the genre so popular. One such fundamental is Gym battles, and in this guide we’ll walk you through the first one: the Fighting type specialist, Rya.

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How To Beat Rya’s Gym In Tales Of Tanorio

Rya’s Gym is the first big challenge you’ll face in Tales of Tanorio. With this guide, you can go in as prepared as possible.

Where Is Rya’s Gym?

Rya’s Gym is known as the Nikido City Stadium. It can be found, surprise surprise, in Nikido City, north of Fable Falls and west of Whispering Woods. You can easily identify the Stadium by the giant holographic Dynastogun that sits on top of it.

Rya’s Team

When you finally come face to face with Rya in battle, these are the Tanorians she’ll use against you.

  • Bellbuzz – Level 16. A dual Bug/Fighting type Tanorian.
  • Manxo – Level 18. A pure Fighting type Tanorian.
  • Dynastogun – Level 20. A dual Bug/Fighting type Tanorian.

Team Recommendations

Before factoring in type matchups, its a good rule of thumb to try and match the level and number of your Tanorians to Rya’s. In this case, that means you should bring 3 Tanorians, all level 18 or above, to this battle. You may need to grind for a bit against wild Tanorians to reach this point, but trust me, it’s worth it. Beyond this, there are a few specific Tanorians I’d recommend bringing along to this fight.


In terms of which Tanorians you should bring, Charcile, or its evolved form Serprince, are both great picks. Their Fire typing makes them resistant to Bug type attacks, and gives them an advantage against the two Bug types on Rya’s squad. Of course, Charcile is only available as a Starter pick.


Another good Tanorian to bring is Calyght, the final evolution of Calypillar. Its dual Bug/Light typing makes it very resistant to Fighting type attacks, and the fact that it fully evolves so early makes it very powerful in the early game. You can catch Calypillar on Route 1, and evolve it through levelling up.


I’d also recommend Eyaspire, which evolves into Hawkadet at level 18. This is a solid Air type Tanorian, which can easily score 2x and 4x effective hits on Rya’s whole team. Like Calypillar, you can catch Eyaspire on Route 1.