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Not sure how to beat Residence Massacre? You’ll need to prepare before the sun sets, and then try to survive the night until the clock strikes at 6 AM.

Residence Massacre is a chilling Roblox horror game that is entirely set in a house – and a garden. It’s a relatively short game, which can be completed within 15 minutes if you manage to beat it the first time around! Spend some time before sunset to prepare for the night of terror as you pick up useful items to help with your survival. Once the night arrives, you’ll have to do everything you can to avoid the creature outside…

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How to Beat Residence Massacre

Let’s delve deeper into the Roblox horror game! Firstly, you’ll need to prepare for the night – you’ve got until sunset to get everything ready. Head into the house and explore to find items that may be useful once the sun goes down.

Before the Sun Sets…

Let There Be Light!

As with many games in the horror genre, you’ll need a flashlight. You’ll have to walk around the house to find this item, but it’ll definitely come in handy. While you’re exploring the house, make sure to turn on all the lights when you come across a switch. Avoiding spoilers, there’s something outside that doesn’t like the light, so this will keep them away as much as possible.

Additionally, you’ll need to pick up batteries for the flashlight to make sure it works for the entire duration of the night – you don’t exactly want to find yourself surrounded by darkness.

Cameras and Wooden Planks

It wouldn’t be a horror game set in a house without cameras! You can set up cameras in different rooms, which can then be utilised on the computer upstairs. It’s best to keep an eye on these cameras during the night – you never know what you might see.

While you’re upstairs, you’ll spot a pile of wooden planks. Pick them up and head over to a window to create a barricade – you can do this for all windows in the house. Keep in mind that you can only carry 3 wooden planks at once, but you can use all 3 of them on a singular window.

When The Sun Sets…

Generator and Fuse Box

Fuse boxes are a common occurrence in horror games, so you may already be familiar with them. You may have turned all the lights on as you prepare for the night, but the lights can be turned off just as easily. If you find that the lights have gone out, you’ll have to head out to the back of the house to fix the fuse box.

On the topic of electrics, the generator needs to be on at all times to keep the house ventilated. If you find that the generator has run out of fuel, you’ll need to head outside as fast as possible to refuel it – otherwise, you’ll be in serious danger.

The Creature

As mentioned above, the creature doesn’t like light – this is why it’s best to turn all of the lights inside the house on when possible. However, if the lights are turned off, you may not have enough time to fix the fuse box before coming into contact with the creature. Luckily, you can use your flashlight to scare the creature as it tries to get in through a window. Just make sure to collect plenty of batteries.

If a window has multiple wooden planks on it, it will take the creature longer to break in. But, what happens if the creature successfully gets into the house? You’ll be notified by a loud noise that sounds like a window smashing. Once this happens, you can’t use your flashlight to scare it anymore. The best way to get through the night if the creature makes its way inside the house is to hide in cupboards, walk around the house to actively avoid it, and keep the lights on as much as possible.

Once the time reaches 6 AM, you’ll be rewarded with a badge, and you will have beaten Residence Massacre!