How to Beat Dutiful Checkmate in Persona 3 Reload

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Just before you take on the Final Checkmate in the Adamah Block of Tartarus, you’ll first need to come face to face with the Dutiful Checkmate. Similar to a lot of the other greedy hand shadows you’ll find, Dutiful Checkmate only has one weakness that you can exploit in battle.

If you’ve found yourself a Dutiful Checkmate in Persona 3 Reload, and are unsure how to beat it, this guide will go over everything you need to know. We will cover the enemy’s weaknesses, and any strategies you can use against it to easily have the upper hand in battle.


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Where to Find Dutiful Checkmate in Persona 3 Reload

Image of the team running into a Dutiful Checkmate enemy in the Harabah Block in Persona 3 Reload

Dutiful Checkmate is a greedy hand shadow, which is similar to rare hand shadows like Supreme Hand. However, greedy hand shadows will steal all the treasure on the floor, and you’ll have to track them down with Fuuka when you first arrive at the floor. Specifically, Dutiful Checkmates can be located on the Harabah Block, from Floor 199 to 226.

When you come into contact with Dutiful Checkmate, it will often be found alone. This will make it easier for you to focus on hitting its weakness to knock it down for an All-Out Attack.

If you want to increase your chances of running into a Dutiful Checkmate enemy, visit the
Fortune Teller in Club Escapade
and purchase a
Rarity Fortune
for 3,000 Yen.


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How to Beat Dutiful Checkmate in Persona 3 Reload

Image of the Dutiful Checkmate enemy's weaknesses in Persona 3 Reload

Once you’ve tracked down and caught a Dutiful Checkmate, these will be all of its weaknesses to pay attention to:

  • Weak: Fire
  • Normal: All Physical Attacks and All Magic Attacks except Fire

Dutiful Checkmate doesn’t have resistances to any Elements or Physical attacks, so you can pretty much use any skill you want on it. However, the skills that will garner the most damage will be Fire, so you’ll want to bring along a team member like Junpei to use these skills. Koromaru has a few Fire skills as well, such as Maragidyne. You can also utilize some Personas that the main character has, like the end-game Persona Alilat.

Outside of this, you’ll want to make sure you beat Dutiful Checkmate as quickly as possible to prevent it from running away. You can use buffs and debuffs to aid you in speeding up the battle, such as increasing your attack through consumables or skills like Matarukaja, which is used by Aigis. It is also recommended that you decrease Dutiful Checkmate’s Evasion to prevent it from dodging your attacks and eventually running away. Skills like Debilitate can be used to decrease its Evasion, which can be learned by Personas such as Masakado, Trumpeter, Lucifer, and more.

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