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I can see you which must be why you’re after our How To Be Invisible In The Strongest Battlegrounds guide. Our guide makes it EZ PZ to become an unseen force within the game so you can get the drop on foes!

The Strongest Battlegrounds aims to test your strength in thrilling battle royale PvP. Choose from different playable characters each with their own unique specialities and combos so that you can impress your foes and yourself with epic finishing moves! Can you prove yourself the STRONGEST on the Battlegrounds with your unique skills and weapons?

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How To Be Invisible In The Strongest Battlegrounds

Can you see me? No? Oh nice, it worked!

How To Achieve Invisibility

This glitch will likely be patched eventually, but it is still achievable for now! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to become unseen. It is also worth noting that it will not work for new players when they join the game, meaning the glitch only works on recent players within the server. New players to join a server CAN see the “Invisible” player. When the invisible player dies, they will respawn visible again.

  • Locate a player who uses Atomic Samurai
  • Let the Atomic Samurai player use Counter
  • As the game turns white, press ALT + F4
  • This will then glitch the player who got Countered who then becomes invisible

Perks Of Invisibility

Becoming invisible allows you to get the drop on other players. You can close in and pummel them with unsuspecting attacks, giving you the advantage in combat. Alternatively, if the heat is too much you can use the invisibility as a cloak to escape! Whether you want to be invisible for fleeing or fighting reasons, we don’t judge.

Is It Patched Yet – No!

Not currently! Check back soon as we will update this guide to say when this hilariously useful glitch has been wiped from the game. This also serves as a disclaimer to use the invisibility at your own risk! Knowing this is a glitch and abusing it within public servers could still strike you with a ban.