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Bored of regular brawling? Our guide will teach you How To Awaken In Seas Battlegrounds, so you can unleash devastating attacks during your next free-for-all!

Seas Battleground is one of many Roblox games inspired by the gigantic anime and manga. In this battle rumble game, you can enlist the powers and abilities of your favorite One Piece characters and use them in exciting PvP against other players. Seas Battlegrounds is set apart from the competition by being a free-for-all fighter game rather than a campaign.

You can check out Seas Battlegrounds over on Roblox. If you’re a fan of One Piece you may enjoy some other Roblox games based on the title. GPO Resurrected Ba’al Guide, GPO Vampire Race Guide, and GPO Dullahan Race Guide.

How To Awaken In Seas Battlegrounds

Hey, wake up!

The Purple Bar

Surely you have noticed the purple bar that slowly fills as you engage in combat against other players? Your first step to awakening begins with filling this bar up which you can do by unleashing your move sets. It’s recommended that you do this against other players who aren’t awakened since you have a better chance of landing hits and filling your bar.

If you die during the process don’t worry, respawning takes only a few moments and you’ll be back to the chaos in no time. Just don’t sit idly for too long as the bar slowly depletes in between fights.


Now die! No, seriously. Once the bar is full you need to hit G (or whatever the same keybinding is for you!) to enter a special state, and then die. Dying will unlock your full potential through a well-animated cut scene before your character is awakened. Dying might actually be the easier part since a lot of players would happily oblige if you asked them to strike you down!

Once you resurrect you’ll be awakened and can flex on the battlefield with your striking moves and increased power. Plus, most awakened states grant you cosmetics too whilst you’re in that state. Snazzy!