How to avoid Booby Traps in Ready or Not

If you’re playing Ready or Not, you may have run into trouble while staging busts on your suspects. This can often result in nerve-wracking shootouts, but as you advance in the game, you run into traps too. Here’s how to avoid booby traps in Ready or Not!

How to spot and avoid Booby Traps in Ready or Not

Have either yourself or a teammate bring a Mirrorgun to check under doors for Booby Traps in Ready or Not. Also, look along walls and floors of interiors for other traps. The first instance for most players will be in the ‘A Lethal Obsession’ mission where you must apprehend a paranoid and skilful target. The most common traps you’ll encounter here are tripwires hooked up to grenades triggered by opening doors.

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If you wish to avoid a Booby Trap in Ready or Not, I recommend looking at the corner of the door directly down from where it opens to use a Door Wedge. If you want extra assurance, hit ‘C’ to drop a chem light to mark the spot as already checked.

How to disarm Booby Traps in Ready or Not

You can disarm a Booby Trap with these methods:

  • Point at the doorknob to peek inside, then point at where the wire meets the trap
  • If playing with AI, after spotting the trap, point at the corner where trap is spotted and press ‘Z’ to command them to ‘Disarm Trap’
    • This can be done from outside where you spotted it
  • Approach from the inside using another entrance, looking at where the tripwire meets the grenade, and equipping your Wire Cutters
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The principle is similar to any traps you find, but regardless, you have to be vigilant in any scenario. This makes opening any door without checking far riskier, so it’s up to you how you approach any situation. Keep in mind the impact of springing this trap on your fellow officers, so after missions like these make sure they take a break!