How to Activate Dwarven Mechanism

If you’re wondering how to activate the dwarven mechanism in Skyrim, here’s all you need to solve the dwarven puzzle of the Tower Of Mzark.

While completing the Elder Knowledge quest in Skyrim, one of your goals will be to get the Elder Scroll by activating the dwarven mechanism. Once you get to the Tower Of Mzark, you may get confused, as the Dwarven Room will have a whole bunch of refractive lenses that you need to arange in the right order. In this guide, you will learn everything about the dwarven puzzle of the Tower Of Mzark in Skyrim.


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How to Activate Dwarven Mechanism in Skyrim

Dwarven Mechanism in Skyrim

When you reach Tower Of Mzark, you must place the Lexicon on the pedestal shown in the screenshot above to activate the dwarven mechanism.

You can obtain this item by completing one of the previous quest objectives, namely going to the Sea of Ghosts and getting it from Septimus Signus. When you place the Lexicon on the pedestal, you’ll see that some of the mechanism elements will start to glow blue, which is a nice little nudge to what you need to do in the next step.


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Once you have the mechanism working, you will need to adjust the refracting lenses to direct the rays to specific points. To do this, press the buttons located right to the left of the pedestal where you placed the Lexicon. While this may seem like a fairly straightforward task at first glance, it’s more complex, as you’ll have to press the buttons in the correct order. Luckily for you, this combination is the same for everyone, and the correct sequence of buttons is as follows:

  • If you start counting the buttons from the pedestal, the first button has an undo function. This way, you can correct the order if you make a mistake, but if you’ve just started solving the puzzle, skip it.
  • After skipping the first button, you will need to press the second button 4 times. As you press it, you will see that the huge metallic circles will start spinning. When you press the button for the fourth time, you will see that the other button on the left will become active and will also light up blue.
  • As you can already guess, next you need to press the button that is highlighted and is located on the fourth column from the pedestal. This way you can regulate the refractive lenses, and when you press the button twice, you will know you are on the right track if you see bright rays of light reflecting off the mirrors and the last button lights up.
  • After you press the last button, the mechanism will open and lower a large green storage. When you get close to it, you can take the Elder Scroll, thus completing the Elder Knowledge quest.

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November 11, 2011