How Swing works in Geometry Dash

In Geometry Dash, there is a new vehicle in town: Swing. It certainly took me some attempts to get the hang of how it works when I was surprised by it in the new level, Dash. Here’s all you need to know about it.

How does Swing work in Geometry Dash?

The Swing in Geometry Dash was debuted in the latest level, aptly named Dash. It’ll be sprung upon you, and you’ll be forced to fend for yourself as you figure out how it operates. The Swing is best described as a fusion between the Ship and the Wave, in how it behaves and how you operate it.

When becoming the Swing, you’ll start to arc upwards. Upon “jumping”, you’ll start to arc downwards. Almost as if some sort of balloon, you’ll need to time your taps perfectly for the Swing to bloat up and down past obstacles.

So, like the wave, it’ll travel in one direction indefinitely until you interact with it, but like the Ship, you’ll have to account that it isn’t an immediate change, so you’ll have to time your taps or clicks ahead of time to allow it to fully change direction.

Yeah, I’m in practice mode. So what? – Screenshot: PC Invasion

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It is important to note that upon hitting a ceiling or floor, it will change its own direction, so unlike the Ship or the UFO, you can’t casually slide across the floor or keep up against a ceiling.

Getting the hang of the Swing in Geometry Dash

To get used to how this works, it would be best to play the Dash level – or any user-created level with the Dash – in practice mode. The arcs and the reaction time of the Swing will be something that you have to get used to if you want to successfully beat Dash and any other future level with the Swing.

That being said, the Swing is something you get a hold of very quickly, once you know how it operates. In Dash, it doesn’t actually provide much of a challenge, and it’s difficult to see how players and RobTop will make this vehicle challenging in the future, as it seems rather limited in possibilities. Geometry Dash has come a long way, however, so I’m sure there will be a more difficult implementation of it before long.

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