How Sukuna Survived Higuruma’s Trial, Explained


  • Sukuna is facing a tough battle against Yuji and Higuruma, with Higuruma utilizing Deadly Sentencing to bring Sukuna to trial for his crimes.
  • Sukuna is ultimately declared guilty by Judgeman, but instead of confiscating his cursed technique, they confiscate his cursed tool, Kamutoke.
  • Despite losing his cursed tool, Sukuna still remains a significant threat, and it will be challenging for Yuji and the others to defeat him. The upcoming battle will heavily depend on Yuji’s abilities.

Jujutsu Kaisen has been incredibly interesting over the course of the last few months and fans have witnessed countless battles unfold in this short span of time. From monster clashes, such as Gojo versus Sukuna, to ones, such as Sukuna versus Kashimo, Gege lit up the Culling Game with incredible battles throughout.


Jujutsu Kaisen: How Yuji Can Beat Sukuna, Explained

Yuji has the potential to take down Sukuna in JJK.

Currently, there is another incredible battle that is going on and this is the clash between Sukuna and the duo of Yuji and Higuruma. This is an incredibly exciting clash and, recently, Sukuna was seen with his back against the wall when Higuruma utilize the power of Deadly Sentencing against him, in order to get him to stand trial and face the consequences for his actions. However, now it is clear that Sukuna has survived the trial as well.

Sukuna Vs Yuji And Higuruma

Sukuna tried shibuya massacre higuruma jujutsu kaisen jjk 245

As soon as Sukuna’s battle against Kashimo ended, fans knew that new opponents would now have to stand in his spot. Sukuna used his special power that he could only use once to reincarnate into his original body. Doing so bolstered him even further and made sure that he was at the peak of his abilities. As such, it wasn’t a surprise for the fans to see him absolutely crush Kashimo in battle. Moments later, Yuji and Higuruma jumped into battle and Yuji quickly started attacking Sukuna. When he did that, Higuruma used the opportunity to cast Deadly Sentencing and he opened his domain. Fans already know that he possesses an incredibly powerful domain the likes of which can prove to be life-threatening.

Inside the domain, Sukuna was made a co-defendant on Yuji’s case so that the previous verdict could now be changed. As such, Higuruma provided enough proof of the fact that Sukuna was the one responsible for the major catastrophe that unfolded in Shibuya and, at the same time, many crimes before that as well. Fans were eagerly waiting in anticipation to see what would happen with Sukuna because the Judgeman is so overpowered that not everyone in the JJK world can work their way around. This is an ability that can pass on a death sentence for someone or even confiscate their cursed technique. As such, Sukuna wriggling his way out of this situation looked quite unlikely, however, against all odds, he has definitely managed to do so.

Sukuna Declared Guilty By Judgeman

sukuna tried jujutsu kaisen jjk 245

In JJK chapter 245, it became quite clear for the fans to see that Sukuna was declared guilty after all. Higuruma made it very clear that Yuji was not the one responsible for the massacre and that the only reason he accepted that previously was because he has a strong sense of responsibility. According to Higuruma, the person actually responsible for the massacre caused in Shibuya was none other than Sukuna himself. Higuruma then started to read out the charges that he put on Sukuna and, at the same time, was starting to explain how judgeman works.

The situation got incredibly irritating for Sukuna and he interrupted by saying that he already knows how Judgeman works. He wanted to see the executioner sword for some reason and, Sukuna, in a way, admitted to all these crimes. This led to the shikigami, judgeman, to declare that Sukuna was indeed guilty and, as such, this was the perfect situation for the main characters here.

Quite clearly, Higuruma was able to manifest the Executioner’s Sword in his hand and, at the same time, the power of confiscation was also applied to Sukuna. As soon as the domain was ended, Higuruma almost lost his life due to Sukuna’s cursed technique, which could have ended him for good.

Sukuna jujutsu kaisen 237

Evidently, in JJK chapter 245, it was revealed that Sukuna’s cursed technique was not confiscated. Instead, it was his cursed tool that was confiscated by Judgeman. This was quite a surprising turn of events in the story that Higuruma himself did not expect. For someone who knows the law as much as Higuruma, he should have known that when confiscation is applied, the cursed tool of a cursed technique wielder will be taken first.


Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji’s Hidden Cursed Technique, Explained

Yuji’s cursed technique is shrouded in mystery in JJK.

This is exactly what ended up happening and it is Kamutoke that Sukuna ended up losing first, instead of his deadly cursed technique. This could have cost Higuruma his life and had Kusakabe and others not joined in to interrupt, perhaps he could very well have died.

At the same time, fans should realize that this feels like a very cheap way to keep Sukuna in the battle. Had this been a rule, it should have been established prior to the trial even began. The fact that it got established suddenly when Sukuna had his back against the wall just feels like a cheap way for the author to prevent Sukuna from losing his cursed technique. This is another one of the many poor writing decisions that have been made in the Culling Game arc and, once again, a cheap way for the author to conveniently shift the story towards a desired direction.

Sukuna’s Threat Persists

yuji vs sukuna jujutsu kaisen jjk 245

It is quite clear for the fans to see that Sukuna is still a massive threat in JJK. He might have lost his cursed tool, however, it wasn’t all that much of an advantage to him anyway. Sukuna’s biggest ability is his cursed technique and had that been taken away from him, perhaps Yuji and the others could then have defeated him. By all means, his cursed technique should have been taken away from him, however, Gege decided to introduce a very convenient rule pertaining to judgment at the very end. Regardless, now, Sukuna’s threat persists and it is likely going to get even harder from here onwards to take him down.

The only advantage that the protagonist group has is numbers. Now, it appears that Kusakabe and Ino have also joined the fight, which makes this battle a 4 on one. It must also be remembered that Higuruma is wielding the Executioner’s Sword and it will be interesting to see if he is able to do anything with it or not. Higuruma already has death flags over his head and fans should not be surprised if he ends up losing his life in the upcoming few chapters. As for Sukuna, he is still at full strength and it seems the Deadly Sentencing plan has not worked out very well, which means that everything now rests on Yuji’s shoulders in the upcoming battle.

JJK chapter 246 will most likely see Sukuna demonstrate his skills once again and show everyone just how dangerous he is. At the same time, fans might get to see some focus being thrown on Higuruma and his Executioner Sword, which is something that Sukuna wanted to test himself against. Regardless of what direction the upcoming chapters take, things don’t seem to be going well for Higuruma and Yuji and before they get better, they will likely have to get much worse.

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