How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk Completes One Noteworthy Ancestry Line


  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk features numerous references to Gen 5 games and the Unova region, including ties between Elite Four members and Unova.
  • Lacey, a character in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is believed to be the daughter of Clay, the Driftveil City Gym Leader in Gen 5 games, based on her appearance and use of Excadrill as her ace Pokemon.
  • Lacey’s ancestry line, which includes the character Lian from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, focuses on rocks and stones, showcasing an evolution in their use of respective Pokemon types and potentially hinting at future Unova games.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Indigo Disk is filled with references to Gen 5 games and the Unova region as a whole, with some of them being simple easter eggs and others hiding something much deeper than that. The Indigo Disk’s BB League has its own set of Elite Four members and a Champion, and most Elite Four members are confirmed to have ties with Unova in some way, with the only odd one out being Amarys – who could still be related to Iris, although this is not confirmed. Crispin is from Virkbank City and is often seen with a Magmortar, with his hometown in Gen 5 games being the only place where the Magby line is available. Another example is Lacey, who is the daughter of an Unovan Gym Leader.

Although the waters surrounding Lacey’s parents are a bit murky due to how players believe she is the daughter of both Clay and Elesa, given her ace is an Excadrill and she uses a Plusle and Minun that remind of Elesa’s outfit, this is just another piece of the puzzle when it comes to her ancestry line. In fact, based on her appearance in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, she is most likely Clay’s daughter regardless of whether Elesa is her mother, but more importantly, she is the latest descendant of one Pokemon Legends: Arceus character.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk Dropped The Ball With One Big Unova Easter Egg

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Indigo Disk features several callbacks to Gen 5 games and Unova, but a big one wasn’t done justice.

How Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ Ancestors Connect to The Indigo Disk’s Lacey in Gen 9

Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ Lian is Lacey and Clay’s Forefather

Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ ancestors were a big part of the game, to the point that many characters of the main cast had ties with existing NPCs in the Pokemon series, even beyond the borders of the Sinnoh region in modern titles. Some more obvious than others due to their name or appearance, the ancestors in Pokemon Legends: Arceus even go as far as playing key roles in the story. Among them is a young boy by the name of Lian, warden to Kleavor.

Kleavor is the Hisuian evolution of Scyther, gaining Rock as its secondary type in place of Flying. Fittingly, Lian has a lot of expertise concerning rocks, stones, and digging them out, which plays a big role in the resolution of the main plot, when players are tasked with crafting the Origin Ball to contain the frenzied deity between Dialga and Palkia based on previous choices. What makes Lian’s appearance stand out is his hat, which is very similar to the one worn by Clay in Pokemon Black and White, with a stone similar to Clay’s as well as Lacey’s.

How Lacey’s Ancestry Line Focuses on Rocks and Stones

What follows is that Lian is probably among the very first characters in Clay’s ancestry line, and currently stands as the oldest forefather to Lacey by proxy, although they are of a similar age when they are met in their respective games. Interestingly, Lian is more well-versed with Rock-type Pokemon, whereas Clay is Driftveil City’s Ground-type Gym Leader in Gen 5 games. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Lacey is in The Indigo Disk a Fairy-type trainer, but she still uses an Excadrill as her ace, possibly gifted to her by Clay himself, which she Terastallizes into Fairy but retaining its Ground and Steel kit.

This is one of the very few families in Pokemon games that has enjoyed such relevance, and it even shows an interesting evolution in how they use their respective Pokemon types, all while remaining anchored to a family tradition of being knowledgeable about the earth’s minerals. In fact, even the BB League’s Lacey uses rocks and stones to an extent, as she uses Terastallization in battle – a phenomenon originating from the crystals around Paldea and in Area Zero. This brings the whole ancestry full circle, and it shows potential for new Unova games after Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – although that remains to be confirmed.

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