Horror and mystery in the Amber Forests

Nowhere, the new horror IP from Midnight Forge, an Indie video game studio from the UK, is in the works. Let’s discover the News!

Nowhere - Midnight Forge

Today we are going to discover Nowhere, the new IP from Midnight Forge. Nowhere is a first-person-story driven horror mystery game. The title takes cues from games of the caliber of Resident Evil, Outlast and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The date for Nowhere is yet to be announced and it will be possible to play the title on Steam in the future.

The mysteries of the Amber Forests

We will play as a private detective. As such, we will be forced to investigate a series of disappearances in the Amber Forests. Once you begin the journey, you quickly discover that there is no turning back.

Nowhere - The mysteries of the Amber Forests

For this reason, we will have to be careful not to quickly find ourselves trapped! The more we discover, the more we will begin to realize that we are not truly alone. Unraveling the truth, solving cryptic clues, and saving ourselves from the shadows in the fog will be critical to survival.

Nowhere’s Features

  • First-person narrative horror experience that puts the story and immersion first, inspired by folklore.
  • Experience the non-linear story that combines the occult, mystery, and horror fiction into one gripping experience.
  • Explore and interact with the beautiful yet ominous Amber Forests but beware the dangers within.
  • On the search for the lost conduct investigations that will lead you closer to the truth and deeper into the madness. Examine scenes, find clues and piece together fragments of what’s really going on.

This Short News, to introduce you to the new Midnight Forge IP, ends here. We plan to return very soon to learn more and take you on a discovery of Nowhere. Stay with us so you don’t miss future updates from the Amber Forests!

Good Game everybody!

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