October 3, 2023

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

It’s been over a year and a half since players once again journeyed with Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West and its DLC, Burning Shores. While many might’ve thought the title was finished, a new title has been rated by a known rating board in Singapore, which could have leaked a new full edition of the Horizon sequel and its DLC just in time for the holidays.

The new rating was noticed by Robert Serrano on Twitter tied to the IMDA, Singapore’s government rating body for video games. The request is tied to Sony and was approved, meaning that the title will be allowed to be released in Singapore. This is the first official rating or any information at all about a Complete Edition of Horizon Forbidden West.

Featured Horizon Forbidden West Dlc Promo
Image: Guerrilla Games

It’s unclear what Sony will charge for this new release, but it’s likely to be around the same cost as Horizon Forbidden West was at release. However, this rating could just be early and there could be some time before it is released. Our best bet is to wait for official word from Guerrilla or Sony to confirm its release.

Since Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy has become one of the core mascots for PlayStation, even getting a physical representation in the real world earlier this year. The upgraded visuals on the PlayStation 5 and improved mechanics over the first title should be a good reason for new players to pick it up.

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