Hoop Land Update Adds All-Star Game, Hall of Fame, Improved Gameplay and More

Koality Game has just released another Hoop Land update for iOS and Android devices adding the All-Star game, Hall of Fame, deeper season stat tracking, improved gameplay and much more. Check out what’s new below.

New Features

– Added Hall of Fame
– Added Star Teams
– Added All-Star Game
– Added All-Time Team Rankings
– Added All-Time Season and Playoff Leaders
– Added All-Time Franchise Leaders
– Added Single Game Records for Season and Playoffs
– Added Award Races
– Added Season Summaries
– Added Team Season Stat Leaders
– Added Team Schedule screen
– Added Team Roster Stats screen
– Added Team Year-by-Year History screen
– Added Play-In Tournament setting
– Added ability to retire jerseys
– Added new hair styles
– Added new facial hair styles
– Added new cap accessories
– Added death from old age
– Updated Road Map

Season Mode Improvements

– Added notation for clinched play-in and playoff teams
– Added notation for career highs and league records
– Added player positions to league leaders
– Added number of championships won on team profile screen
– Added ability to view teams from Game Preview screen
– Added team arena name and city to various screens
– Added autosave after watching or scouting players
– Position based awards now calculate eligibility based on minutes played
– Career stats are shown for retired players instead of current season

Gameplay Enhancements

– Added ability to adjust layups mid-air
– Added ability to tip in shots
– Added offensive rebounds and turnovers to intermission stats
– Improved CPU passing
– Improved CPU rebounding on blocked shots
– Increased CPU defensive intensity
– Decreased CPU stepping out of bounds
– Decreased CPU backcourt violations
– Decreased CPU offensive awareness on Rookie difficulty 
– All-Star difficulty defaults to Normal CPU Player Speed setting
– Green bar only disappears on low percentage three point attempts and not layups

Bug Fixes

– Fixed tutorial text informing about Defensive Assistance setting
– Fixed CPU inability to progress past 4 stars and above
– Fixed optimize lineup algorithm reversing position order
– Fixed ability to release players when under 5 healthy players on the roster
– Fixed ability to continue season with less than 5 players signed to contracts
– Fixed ability to continue season with less than two teams in each conference
– Fixed half number point value when cycling number of playoff teams
– Fixed expired contract status for own player when the player has pending offers
– Fixed player contract values decreasing if over the max and team is under the cap
– Fixed duplicate players after expansion drafts
– Fixed inability to draft players from the same team when multiple expansion teams
– Fixed ability to add additional expansion teams if not enough players to draft
– Fixed inability to continue season after converting to a custom league
– Fixed inability to increase max potential when points remaining is less than zero
– Fixed incorrect game summary after simulating last game of the day
– Fixed CPU calling timeout with zero time remaining
– Fixed unlimited timer for assisted baskets
– Fixed soft lock when resuming a live sim during free throw shooting
– Fixed soft lock when inbounder is not in position for an inbounds pass
– Fixed referee and players getting stuck when retrieving the ball
– Fixed game speed not resetting to normal after switching off of coach mode
– Fixed inability to control player on jump ball and first possession in overtime
– Fixed duplicate player on the bench and court when resuming game from live sim
– Fixed inability to upgrade attributes when device system language is set to Turkish
– Fixed trade summary screen not listing all assets in a trade
– Fixed create trade screen cap space UI placement
– Fixed mixed gender league resetting to male or female 
– Fixed college team logos appearing on pro league playoff bracket
– Fixed star rating not showing any stars