Honkai Star Rail tier list for January 2024

Our Honkai Star Rail tier list is here to help you find the best characters in this gacha RPG from Hoyoverse. We’ve gathered information from numerous beta tests and tried out the characters ourselves to ensure you fill your team with strong damage dealers, tanks, and supporters.

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Here’s our Honkai Star Rail tier list:

Tier Honkai Star Rail character
SS Bronya, Fu Xuan, Huohuo, Imbibtor Lunae, Jingliu, Luocha, Seele, Silver Wolf
S Bailu, Blade, Clara, Gepard, Jing Yuan, Kafka, Lynx, Pela, Tingyun, Topaz, Trailblazer (fire), Welt
A Asta, Dan Heng, Guinaifen, Himeko, Hook, Luka, March 7th, Natasha, Qingque, Sushang, Yanqing, Yukong
B Arlan, Sampo, Serval, Trailblazer (physical)
C Herta

Upcoming Honkai Star Rail characters

We’ve received drip marketing on the following Honkai Star Rail characters, check out what we know about them in our guides below.

How do we rank characters in our Honkai Star Rail tier list?

The team at Pocket Tactics personally plays Honkai Star Rail and we discuss amongst ourselves which characters are the best in different situations. We consider the different skills each character has that make them more proficient in their role as a tank, healer, or DPS on your team.

We also think that if you build your characters well you should use whoever you like most as long as your team has a good structure – i.e. can hit an enemy’s weakness, heal when your health gets low, and tank some damage if needs be. Games are meant to be fun, so play in a way that suits you best!

The best Honkai Star Rail characters

Here’s a rundown on each of the Honkai Star Rail characters that are in the SS tier of our list.

Honkai Star Rail tier list - Bronya pasted on a light green PT background


Bronya is a wind support character who applies buffs and removes debuffs from her team. She follows the path of harmony and is an asset to almost any team thanks to her skill, Combat Redeployment, which advances an ally’s action so they can immediately act.

Honkai Star Rail tier list - Fu Xuan with her arm raised against a purple background with the Pocket Tactics logo on it

Fu Xuan

If you need a proficient tank for your team, Fu Xuan is the girl for you. She’s a quantum character who follows the path of preservation, her skill makes other team members distribute 65% of the damage they receive to Fu Xuan.

Honkai Star Rail Huohuo's splash art on a light green Pocket Tactics background


Huohuo is a support character who can provide both heals and energy regeneration to her allies. She’s a five-star who follows the path of abundance and harnesses the wind element.

Honkai Star Rail tier list - Imbibitor Lunae with a dragon against a yellow background with the Pocket Tactics logo on it

Imbibtor Lunae

Imbibitor Lunae is a great pick for an imaginary DPS character that treads the path of destruction. Followers of this path have strong attacks and great survivability too, making him a perfect fit for many scenarios in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail tier list - Jingliu's splash art on a blue background


Jingliu is a great choice for the DPS slot on your team. She follows the path of destruction and deals ice damage to foes. You can also use her technique to freeze foes before you enter battle.

Honkai Star Rail tier list - Luocha pasted on a golden yellow Pocket Tactics background


Luocha is the best support character in the game with his great heals and the potential to deal some impactful imaginary damage. He follows the path of abundance and can strip enemies of buffs with his ultimate.

Honkai Star Rail tier list - Seele's splash art on a purple Pocket Tactics background


Seele is a high-impact, burst-based DPS, that deals heaps of damage to a single target. She’s a quantum character who follows the path of the hunt and works well in a team with Bronya.

Honkai Star Rail tier list - Silver Wolf pasted on a blue-purple Pocket Tactics background mimicking the quantum element colour. She is diving forward with her sword

Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf provides some very handy debuffs and can perform some great single-target damage. She’s a quantum character who follows the path of nihility.

How do I perform a Honkai Star Rail reroll?

We don’t recommend you do a Honkai Star Rail reroll as it takes some time, you need multiple email addresses, and the five-star rates are pretty low so you may have to do it multiple times. However, if you’re set on it, here’s how you perform a Honkai Star Rail reroll:

  • Start the game and complete the tutorial segment to unlock the warp option, this takes about one hour
  • Roll for some characters in whichever banner you like
  • If you don’t like your roll, log out of your account
  • Create a new account with a different email address
  • Repeat these steps until you get the Honkai Star Rail character you want

There you have it! We hope you manage to nab one of the S-rank characters from our list.

That’s everything we’ve got for you in our Honkai Star Rail tier list. Make sure you check out our Honkai Impact characters and Honkai Star Rail banner guides for more mobile RPG goodness.