Honkai: Star Rail – Floating Ice Cream Locations (Third Cone’s The Charm Achievement)

Being in a land of dreams in Honkai: Star Rail comes with a wide range of perks, which is likely why some people decide to live there for good. For example, since one is in a dream, they won’t gain weight from eating pleasant snacks such as Ice Creams.

Therefore, when players come across some Floating Ice Creams in Penacony, they shouldn’t hesitate to munch on them. Some of these Ice Creams may protest, and scream for their “live,” but insisting on consuming the desserts won’t bring any issue. In fact, eating plenty of Floating Ice Creams in the Golden Hour at one time can give players the Third Cone’s the Charm achievement in Honkai: Star Rail, which is worth five Stellar Jades.


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Stellar Jades is a crucial currency in Honkai: Star Rail as players need them to get new characters in the game.

Third Cone’s The Charm Achievement In Honkai: Star Rail

Third Cone's the Charm achievement in honkai star rail

To get the Third Cone’s the Charm achievement collection in Honkai: Star Rail, players must eat nine Floating Ice Creams at one time. There are plenty of Floating Ice Creams throughout Golden Hour, and each comes in a group of three. This means you must visit at least three spots to get the Third Cone’s the Charm achievement. Note that you must do this task “at one time“, so there mustn’t be a long time gap between one Ice Cream group andanother. It’s fine to teleport, though.

Here are some locations you can visit to eat the Floating Ice Creams in Honkai: Star Rail Golden Hour:

The blue number means that the Ice Creams are located in
F1 Golden Hour
. Meanwhile, the rest are floating in F2.

  1. Go to Sweet Corner Space Anchor, then approach the SoulGlad Food Truck in the north. By the Family Merchant truck is the first group of Floating Ice Creams.
  2. Use the Aideen Park Space Anchor, then go east to an Ice Cream Trolley.
  3. Continue walking south until you find two people discussing how Ice Creams in the dreamland have zero calories.
  4. Head to Oti Mall Space Anchor and enter the small alley right on the west for the next group of Floating Ice Creams.
  5. Return to the Oti Mall Space Anchor, then run south to the Ice Cream Trolley where another Family Merchant is.
  6. Teleport to Dreammerse Shopping Street at F1 Golden Hour in Honkai: Star Rail, then walk forward to the east to eat three Floating Ice Creams next to another Ice Cream Trolley.

Golden Hour is one of the many dream areas that players can visit in Penacony. It’s one of the most popular, given its “fun” atmosphere, where people get to play games and even gamble their Aideen Tokens in the slot machines in Honkai: Star Rail. The area is also filled with shopping stalls, Ice Cream shops, and plenty of SoulGlad sellers.

SoulGlad is a popular beverage in the dreamland, and players can see the popularity of this drink from the fact that there’s a giant SouldGlad bottle in Penacony that periodically shoots SoulGlad into the air. However, the popularity of SoulGlad doesn’t stop on the Planet of Festivities. Players can also find other flavors of this beverage in other places. For instance, in Xianzhou Luofu, Trailblazers can buy some Sweet Dreams Soda, which is advertised as being able to make the drinker happy, as if they’re currently in a pleasant dream.

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