Honkai: Star Rail Celebrates Lunar New Year With Gorgeous Anime Short

Honkai: Star Rail developer HoYoverse is a Chinese company, so the Lunar New Year is extremely important in its calendar. It’s not surprising that it pulled all the stops to celebrate with a gorgeous anime short.

While the game has been all about the new planet Penacony with the release of version 2.0, we briefly go back to the Xianzhou Luofu to witness the Xianzhou’s New Year performance, directed by Master Gongshu at the Exalting Sanctum.

Stars of the show are Guinaifen and Sushang, albeit things don’t go exactly as predicted. 

Yet, with the help of Dan Heng and Jung Yuan, things still end up being a success under the watchful eyes of other well known characters like Qingque, Yukong, Bailu, Huohuo, and more. 

You can check it out below and see if it reignites the nostalgia for the Xianzhou Luofu. The version embedded has English voice-overs. If you prefer Japanese, you can find it at the official YouTube channel.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see whether we’ll see similar animated shorts for Honkai‘s older and younger brothers, Genshin Impact and Zenless Zone Zero.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PC, PS5, iOS, and Android, and we recently learned that it has been downloaded a massive 100 million times. The game is free to play, so you can enjoy it without making a purchase, but there arealso plenty of microtransactions to partake in. 

Speaking of the future of HoYoverse, Zenless Zone Zero is currently in development, and it’s an urban fantasy action RPG with an interesting cyberpunk-ish atmosphere. It was originally announced for PC, iOS, and Android, but recently learned that it’s also coming to PS5.

To learn more, you can read our interview with the producer.  Zenless Zone Zero is currently being beta tested and no release date has been announced just yet.