Hilarious Starfield Glitch Shows Andreja Invading Player’s Personal Space


  • Starfield players continue to encounter bugs and glitches, such as the one involving Andreja taking over the screen during dialogue.
  • Bethesda’s updates and bug fixes have not completely eradicated the glitches in Starfield, impacting gameplay on a significant or small scale.
  • The intense glitch with Andreja invading the player’s personal space has been previously encountered by other players, adding to the growing list of amusing and funny Starfield glitches.

A Starfield player encountered a bug in the game where Andreja takes up most of the screen during a dialogue exchange. The player posted their discovery of the glitch online, which sees the Starfield Constellation companion intruding on the player’s screen with an extreme close-up of her face.

It is no surprise that Starfield players continue to run into various bugs and glitches throughout the Bethesda space game. Everything from gameplay issues to broken features are just some of the problems that players have been reporting, and the updates haven’t eradicated many of the bugs. Despite Bethesda administering updates to implement new features and bug fixes, Starfield still suffers from notorious glitches that can affect the gameplay significantly or on a small scale. With this in mind, a player has encountered a gameplay issue involving one of the game’s companions acting strangely towards the player character.


Bizarre Starfield Glitch Makes Andreja Headless

A creepy Starfield glitch involving Andreja is discovered by an unsuspecting player and gets a lot of attention on the internet.

After interacting with an Artifact in Starfield during the Into the Unknown quest, Reddit user james___uk captured a moment where Andreja politely approached their character. Andreja, one of the four romanceable characters in Starfield, is concerned about the player after a bizarre encounter with an Artifact. However, she does so by taking up the entirety of the screen. Andreja’s facial features are fully displayed in the footage as she speaks with the player, invading their personal space.

The Reddit post was mostly met with humorous comments regarding the intense nature of the glitch. While many users joked about the issue, some pointed out further problems while playing the game with Andreja. “Everytime I open a locker she walks directly between me and the locker. I hope they fix that,” one user wrote. Other users referenced similar issues with Sam Coe in Starfield, where his character model would randomly pop in and out of fight scenes.

The glitch in question has been encountered before by other Starfield players. The footage is admittedly hilarious to check out, as the harmless encounter adds to the ever-growing list of amusing and funny Starfield glitches. It’s a reputation that Bethesda has garnered over the years, with their other published titles suffering similar fates regarding unfixed bugs that players continuously point out.

Looking ahead, it’s unclear whether Bethesda will address the Andreja issue and other countless bugs that players continue to find and share online. Despite an ambitious roadmap for Starfield in 2024, players might encounter additional issues before another update is administered.

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September 6, 2023

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