Hidden Details You Missed In The Mountain Pass

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an immersive, isometric RPG that continues to captivate the hearts and minds of players all around even months after its release. The world players through the rich and detailed world of Faerun, with tons of nooks and crannies to explore as the game progresses.

The Mountain Pass is a place that can be easily overlooked or rushed, as players want to progress through the story. While there’s more incentive to explore the Underdark in its entirety, players go to the mountain pass for the Githyanki Creche but may not look for details beyond that.

Updated on January 12, 2024, by Kristy Ambrose: The Mountain Pass of Baldur’s Gate 3 might be less alluring than the Underdark when it comes to quests and loot, but there are just as many interesting details along with a stunning view. As players continue to explore every aspect of the game, new secrets, and hidden quests are revealed. For those planning their entrance to the Shadow-cursed Lands, the Mountain Pass is the way to go if you’re leaning towards the evil side or want a chance to talk to Spider Kar’niss, the Drow drider.


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1 The Blood Of Lathander

Beneath The Gith Crech In The Ruined Monastery

Obtaining the Blood of Lathander mace in Baldur's Gate 3

Locate a hexagonal room on the second floor of the monastery. On the ground, there will be a broken stained-glass feature that contains the answer to the puzzle that must be solved. Each of the figures in the stained glass is holding a weapon or is described in some way to hint at one.

The pedestals have plaques that players can read to figure out what weapons go where. Contrary to popular belief, any weapon can be used here as long as it’s the same type as what’s described in the stained-glass window or on the plaque. So if you want to keep the nicer ceremonial weapons, the old or rusty ones lying around will still work.

After the puzzle has been completed, a panel will open up which reveals a pouch, giving the party the Morninglord’s Radiance condition and the Crest of Lathlander. Upon defeating the Githyanki inquisitor in the lower part of the monastery, players are free to explore the area. In an alcove to the left, players will find two statues. One must be turned to face the west and the other turned to face the east to open the underground passage that leads to the mace.

2 Guardian Of Faith

On The Same Floor As The Stained-Glass Window Puzzle

baldur's gate 3 guardian of faith

As mentioned in the previous entry, there is a guardian of faith hidden somewhere in the monastery on the second floor. This is an actual spell in the game that clerics can cast, regardless of their domain. This AoE spell will attack any hostile creatures within range, and as soon as you or anyone in the party touches any of the gear or bones it’s guarding, it will attack.


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This guardian of faith was summoned to protect the Monks who were locked away in the room. Within their protective circle is a weapon that can be used to solve the stained-glass window puzzle, and the only way to get it is by defeating the Guardian of Faith.

3 The Githyanki Egg

In The Creche Hatchery

baldur's gate 3 githyanki egg

On the approach to the monastery, players can encounter a woman named Lady Esther working for the Society of Brilliance who has been tasked with acquiring a Gith egg. Players can approach this in several ways. First, and most simply, they can accept and complete the assignment.

Upon talking to the caretaker of the Gith eggs, players will learn that one egg has not yet hatched. The caretaker wants to give it time but fears that the egg will be ordered to be destroyed if it does not hatch soon. Players can use this to convince the caretaker to give them the egg instead. This will require a check, but a successful one will result in the characters acquiring a Githyanki egg.

4 The Owlbear Egg

Looted From The Owlbear Cave In Act 1

bg3 owlbear egg use

This is an obscure item from Act 1 that leads into something else as the game progresses, one of the features of BG3 that everyone raves about. If you took the owlbear egg from the owlbear cave near the Blighted Village and didn’t use it for camp supplies, it can be used in the Mountain Pass.

Players may be able to convince the caretaker at the Creche to hand over the Gith egg, fight for it, or steal it. On the other hand, you can keep the Gith egg and give Lady Esther an owlbear egg instead.

This is a nice middle-ground that makes the party a decent pile of gold and avoids getting Lae’zel’s Disapproval. You need to pass a check to convince Esther that her employers will never know better, and depending on the player’s class that might be Performance, Persuasion, Deception, or Nature.

5 The Blue Jay Nest

Just South Of Lady Esther


You don’t have to use Speak With Animals to know that blue jays have the foulest mouths among birds, and meeting this outspoken fellow confirms it. He’s flitting about a nest on a rock wall next to the westernmost road that leads south and just looks like another bird, so the side-quest he can give you is easy to miss.


Baldur’s Gate 3: 13 Great Quests That Can Easily Be Missed

With hours of content spread over three acts, Baldur’s Gate 3 has plenty of great quests that are all too easy to gloss over. Here’s how to find them.

The jay claims that the eagles living on the monastery roof have stolen his nest, which is of course a lie, and part of his plan to steal their nest, which is something that blue jays do in nature. That’s part of the joke, but you can choose to go along with his plan or refuse. The eagles have an item in their nest that you might need anyway, so it’s possible to kill two birds with one quest.

6 Drunk Kobolds In Barrels

Through The Broken Window On The Monastery’s Main Floor

baldur's gate 3 drunk kobold room

While combat can be avoided with these little guys, one of them is carrying a ceremonial mace that can be used with the stained-glass window puzzle. While fighting in this room, or sneaking through, players will notice some strange noises coming from some of the barrels scattered around. If they are broken open during combat, drunken kobolds will fall out.

Players can do whatever they want with the copious amounts of alcohol stored here in barrel and bottle form. Options include pocketing the entire barrel for later, adding them as a nice decoration in camp, or using them as an unexpected curveball in combat. Alternatively, players can simply leave them be, letting them live their life of indulgence.