Here’s how to earn the Hot-pink Tungsten Disguise helm in The Finals

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Looking to earn the Hot-pink Tungsten Disguise helm in The Finals? Players just got a new update from Embark Studios with loads of new content to work towards. In addition to the Smoking Guns event and the new 1.10.0 patch notes, there’s a neat Hot-pink Tungsten Disguise helm that you can earn. 

To improve your odds, check out our The Finals Medium build loadouts and Heavy build loadouts. While it’s not the Portal Gun that players have been clamoring for, this helm will certainly be a sweet addition to your customized character.

An image from the official Discord that covers how to get the Hot-pink Tungsten Disguise in The Finals. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to get the Hot-pink Tungsten Disguise in The Finals

Oscar from Embark Studios revealed how to earn this exclusive reward in the official Discord. In a new Community Event, the first of its kind in The Finals, players can work towards a cashout of $250,000,000,000. This event runs from 29th February, 2024, to 7th March, 2024. Hit this target together and every player who contributed will receive this in-game item. The Hot-pink Tungsten Disguise stands out from most items in the store thanks to its vibrant color. 

Since it’s a community event, get more friends to tag along and make it quicker to finish. Every cashout counts, even those of your foes. While that number is indeed massive, an active community will be able to whittle away at it with time. Thanks to a new event, in-game items, and rewards, expect the game to witness a revival and an influx of players both old and new to its mechanics.

That covers how to bag the Hot-pink Tungsten Disguise. For the latest on The Finals, check out how an anticipated nerf saved The Finals and here’s some advice from the Palworld devs on The Finals’ player numbers. Now get to the new Smoking Guns event and start working towards that bright pink community reward!