Help band members fulfill their dream in the Brown Dust 2 IDOL FANTASM season event

Experience 10 new stories during the event.

NEOWIZ’s mobile adventure RPG Brown Dust 2 is announcing its new season event, IDOL FANTASM. The new event melds with the narrative of Brown Dust 2 Character Pack 4. During the IDOL FANTASM season event, you’ll join members of a girl crush band as they attempt to fulfil their dreams. Specifically, IDOL FANTASM centers on band members Yuri, Grandhildr and Ventana.

Brown Dust 2 is an anime-style turn-based RPG in which you explore a beautiful 2D world. Featuring more than 300 mercenaries to collect and upgrade, Brown Dust 2 provides strategic gameplay with hundreds of potential combat strategies. You’ll battle friends in PvP and work with other players to take down world bosses. Additionally, there are over 1,200 stages in the game’s campaign for you to conquer.

Ten sequential stories will be available during the IDOL FANTASM event, which runs through February 15th. You can earn exclusive rewards by participating in the IDOL FANTASM login event and obtaining the season pass before February 1st. Additionally, you can earn exclusive event items to exchange for draw tickets, My Room furniture, and Ancient Crystals in the event store by partaking in various event-specific content.

In addition to the IDOL FANTASM events, you can participate in the Daily Free Cooked Rice Recharge Double and the Cooked Rice Boosting events from February 1st to 15th. Additionally, Lunar New Year events begin in Brown Dust 2 on February 1st. You’ll receive 10 Draw tickets as your Lunar New Year’s surprise login gift. You can claim this gift through February 13th. Further, you can earn Dia, Gold, and Refining Powder rewards through the Lunar New Year login event.

Brown Dust 2 is currently available on the App Store and Google Play. To stay up to date with all the latest Brown Dust 2 news, follow the game on Facebook, X (Twitter), Discord, or YouTube. Additionally, you can visit the game’s official website for more information.