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Heading out to the battlefield but not sure about your loadout? Have a read of our Helldivers 2 tier list – it may help you out! Remember that if you prefer a certain type of gun, and it’s been ranked low on the tier list, that’s okay. If a gun works for you, then keep on with it!

Welcome back to Helldivers with Helldivers 2! Take part in intricately detailed missions that rely heavily on strategy… and plenty of explosives. Groups are made up of 4 members as you destroy a multitude of creatures whilst simultaneously keeping each other alive. The sci-fi action doesn’t stop as you aim down your sights in the iconic return of the shooter franchise.

To learn more information about Helldivers 2 before you dive in, visit the game’s official Steam page. Before you go, why not check out our Black Clover Mobile tier list and our Dragonheir: Silent Gods tier list?

Helldivers 2 Tier List

Read on to find our which weapons and stratagems in Helldivers 2 impressed us so far.

S Tier

Top-tier weapons and stratagems in the game!

  •  MG-43 Machine Gun
  • RS-422 Railgun
  • AR-23P Liberator Assault Rifle
  • Shield Generator Relay
  • Rocket Sentry

A Tier

These weapons and stratagems are well worth using in your loadout.

  • LAS-5 Scythe Beam Rifle
  • SG-225 Breaker Shotgun
  • JAR-5 Dominator Rifle
  • SG-8 Punisher Shotgun
  • PLAS-1 Scorcher Plasma Rifle
  • Orbital 380 HMM HE Barrage

B Tier

Wanna try out something fresh in the game that isn’t the ‘meta’? Use these! They’re not terrible, but don’t expect huge boosts.

  • FAF-14 Spear Missile Launcher
  • SMG-37 Defender
  • SG335SP Breaker Spray and Pray Shotgun
  • SG-225IE Incendiary Shotgun
  • Guard Dog Rover
  • Jump Pack
  • Flamethrower

C Tier

The backup options if I’m gonna be honest.

  • ARC-3 Arc Thrower
  • P-19 Redeemer Machine Pistol
  • SG83 Slugger Shotgun
  • R-63CS Diligence Counter Sniper Marksman Rifle
  • AR-23E Liberator Explosive
  • Eagle Strafing Run

D Tier

Useless weapons and stratagems.

  • G-10 Incendiary Grenade
  • P-4 Senator Revolver
  • G-16 Impact Grenade
  • G-3 Smoke Grenade
  • Stalwart
  • Eagle 500KG Bomb