Helldivers 2 skins are hotly debated by community

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Helldivers 2 skins are currently pretty generic. This is in keeping with the game’s presented ideology. All Helldivers are just faceless cogs in a machine that is trying to spread managed democracy to the greater galaxy. This is a war, and players are just the nameless grunts fighting it until they die and are replaced. The idea of giving these players skins is one that sparked rampant debate.

Helldivers 2 skins not welcomed by many players

u/DDeShaneW posted to Reddit with his opinion on theoretical skins. In it, he mentioned that a lot of games devolve into crossover madness and try to collaborate with anyone they can. Fortnite is a game where Master Chief could shoot Spider-Man while Batman builds around them, and that is just a fraction of the collabs. Call of Duty has a lot of crossovers, too, including with The Boys and Nicki Minaj.

The user said, “I’d really prefer they just stick to what they made and not become some big advertisement for other IPs, or ruin their own look from the silliest cosmetics possible. I’ve been seeing posts asking for them and even the devs hinting that it might happen. Even though there is clear inspiration from several different pieces of media, Helldivers is a unique game in its look, feel, and story. It would be such a shame and a disservice to ruin it with things like collabs.”

Image via PlayStation

They’d like Helldivers to remain as it is and not infiltrated by outside parties. u/SWattOfficer echoed that sentiment by saying, ” I personally dont want it, i go back to R6:Siege and get domed by Rick Sanchez when that game was originally meant to be semi-realistic.”

u/CmdPetrie said that they’re confident that Helldivers 2 will remain uninfluenced by outside factors. So if they are hearing calls for skins, it won’t matter, “Helldivers will be exactly this: Helldivers, the way Arrowhead imagined it, i don’t think they’ll get influenced too much by some loud fans.”

u/error3000 said plainly, “Hopefully it will stay as just Helldivers, would be a shame if the game went the route of R6S or Call of Duty.” u/RevolutionaryFox496 said, “I swear if I ever drop to the surface and I’m greeted by Nicki Minaj…”

Not all players are against the idea, though. While the Fortnite metaverse and its ever-expanding list of collabs has been laughed at, many players love the fact that they can play a battle royale as some random character from a piece of media they love. u/Renolber said, “I could unironically see collabs with other sci-fi franchises. Halo, Destiny, Mass Effect, other IPs that have a similar vibe.”

u/MrGooGoo also said, “I wouldn’t mind some armor that’s like vaguely inspired by other IPs.” u/HotStufffffffffffff also mentioned, “Gonna be honest I want my storm trooper and ODST skin.” It’s safe to say that this is a tense debate in the community. The post overall has over 900 comments so far.

That’s what you need to know about the debate over Helldivers 2 skins, but be sure to check out the best stratagems, the best weapons, and some tips and tricks for the game!