Helldivers 2 players wants these weapon buffs for long-range democracy

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In most video games, a sniper rifle is often a weapon that can take out enemies with one shot, especially when hitting them in the head. A sniper rifle can be one of the best weapons in any game when in the right hands, except that isn’t the case with Helldivers 2.

In a Reddit post, u/VoxulusQuarUn expressed their frustration when using the sniper, even claiming that a pistol is a better weapon choice. They suggest that a sniper rifle should be able to penetrate medium armor while having an additional bonus for hitting weak spots, and the community echoed this opinion.

One user u/meForgettable agreed that the weapon should have medium armor penetration as the Slugger, a shotgun, has it, while another u/Addianis stated they are “sniping with the slugger right now because it feels so much more like a DMR than the DMRs” in Helldivers 2.

Arrowhead Game Studios, the developers behind Helldivers 2, have been very active in updating the game, with new patches being released at least once a week since its launch in February 2024, including update 1.000.102, released earlier today. Most of these updates have seen weapons be nerfed or buffed to improve the balancing in the game. The development team has so far been listening to the community and taking feedback on board, with the Head of Product Testing Patrik Lasota recently giving some insight into the “philosophies and practices when it comes to balancing” following claims that the developers should focus on buffing weapons and not nerfing them.

With so many nerfs and buffs being implemented so far, it is surprising that the sniper rifle’s lack of armor penetration hasn’t been addressed, especially as many see a shotgun as a viable alternative. But, with the community now voicing its opinions and concerns about the weapon, this could help to see it be addressed in a future update. However, some users including u/_-Eagle-_ hope that this won’t see the Slugger nerfed instead with u/midri claiming that it would be “worthless if it was any less than it is,” while also going on to state that it is “the only perfectly tuned weapon” Helldivers 2 has.

Although the sniper rifle may have its weaknesses right now, you’ll want to check out our Helldivers 2 Best Weapons and Best Armor guides so you can join the fight with your fellow Helldivers and take out every enemy that stands in your way.