Helldivers 2 players share tips on using the Auto-Cannon

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Helldivers 2 features an incredibly large list of weapons and it can be overwhelming to choose the best loadout. This is because most weapons are unlocked over time and you also can access a third weapon by using the stratagems. Your choices will depend on the planet you’re on, the enemies you’re facing, and what thecmissjoncis. When facing the Automatons, the Auto-Cannon is a highly recommended stratagem for to use in your journey to eradicating every robot that stands in your way.

The Auto-Cannon can be unlocked at level 10 for 7,000 Requisition Slips, meaning you can unlock it early in your journey as a Helldiver. It is a highly effective stratagems to use against the Automatons and a weapon you should have highly recommend carrying, especially during evacuation sequences.

In a Reddit post, players detailed some tips and tricks for making the most of the Auto-Cannon in your fight against the Automatons.

Imagine via Arrowhead Game Studios.

The first tip is that the reload time is based on the amount of ammo you have in the gun, meaning you should never let the weapon get down to 0 ammo before reloading because this will cause the Auto-Cannon to take a long time reload.

Next, due to bullet drop off, it is recommended that you aim slightly above a Hulk’s eye to give the most consistency. It is recommended that your reticle is approximately 10% above the eye.

When it comes to the Strider enemies, it is recommended that you aim between the legs in order to defeat it with one shot, you know what to aim for with this one for maximum effect.

You can terminate an illegal broadcast by shooting it with an Auto-Cannon. Recoil is reduced while crouched or prone and accuracy is better while aiming down sights. And finally, putting your Auto-Cannon into full auto mode is recommended.

While the Auto-Cannon is very viable in certain situations, there are many other great weapons to use as part of your loadout. In order to figure out the right ones for you, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guides.