Helldivers 2 players say the game reminds them of the Xbox 360 era of online gaming

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Since the game launched in February 2024, Helldivers 2 has become one of the most popular games, with hundreds of thousands of players coming back daily to play their part in eradicating the Automatons and Terminids and participating in mindless fun and destruction in the name of democracy. With many feeling like AAA gaming has gotten stale and few games push the boundaries these days, Helldivers 2 is the game many need right now.

U/Sea-Special-1730 took to Reddit to praise Arrowhead Game Studios for delivering a breath of fresh air to the gaming industry, following mainstream gaming becoming “stale and homogenous” while saying that it is nice to see a gameplay loop that is just “dumb fun” rather than being “designed to oblivion and back.”

Light armor will let you evade bug breaches effectively. Image captured by VideoGamer.

They also mentioned that Helldivers 2 reminds them of the old Left 4 Dead and Halo 2/3 era, where the games had little progression outside of unlocking a couple of cosmetics, but players would still grind for thousands of hours for the fun of it rather than to try and unlock skins. The game does have its own version of the Battle Pass called the Premium Warbond, which includes unique weapons and armor that can only be unlocked in them, but it never feels like a focal point of the game. Instead, it feels like an extension of the level system which unlocks new stratagems and ship modules as you earn Medals at a similar rate so everything unlocks at a similar rate as it would without the Warbonds.

The Reddit user concluded their post saying “It brings a smile to my face to see those low-level cadets blindly charging into a patrol we could have easily avoided. They’re having fun, and that’s how games are meant to be played. Awesome Job, Arrowhead. Thank you for giving us one of the best gaming experiences in years.”

This is a post that I very much agree with as I have found myself getting lost in the endless missions and liberations of planets, but it never feels like I am grinding to try and achieve something. Instead, I am just jumping into missions to serve up some sweet Liber-tea and bring democracy for fun and nothing more. The PvE element may contribute to that as I never feel like I have to grind to try and keep up, as is the case with titles such as Fortnite.

With Helldivers 2 continuing to gain popularity, with hundreds of thousands of concurrent players and over eight million sales, there hasn’t been a better time to jump into the game if you haven’t already. When you do, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can get off on the right foot and create the perfect loadout to liberate any Automatons and Terminids that stand in your way.