Helldivers 2 players hope developers don’t nerf this weapon

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When people find a hidden gem, often they want to keep it as their little secret, and gaming is no different, whether it is a game, mechanic, glitch, or loadout. Helldivers 2 features many different weapons and armor to help you build your ideal loadout for your play style. Some weapons are better than others, but some Helldivers 2 players think they’ve discovered a diamond in the rough and they want to keep to themselves, hoping that Arrowhead Game Studios doesn’t need it in the future.

Helldivers 2 players on Reddit have recently been discussing the LAS-16 and are calling it “absolutely amazing.” The LAS-16 Sickle is a new carbine laser that acts similar to a burst assault rifle and is now considered the best primary weapon in the game. To unlock the LAS-16 you must first have access to the Warbond Battle Pass which can be unlocked on the Cutting Edge page for 20 Medals.

Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

The LAS-16 Sickle is a huge improvement over the previously released LAS-5 Scythe, which is generally seen as a disappointment. The LAS-16 Sickle is capable of taking out many of the enemies in the game, making it easy to take out hordes and enemies and not get overwhelmed, especially if multiple members of your team are using it.

This isn’t the first time that the LAS-16 Sickle has made an appearance in the series, it was also a weapon in the first Helldivers game where it was also one of the best weapons in the game. Due to it being a top weapon in the previous game, it is unlikely that it will be nerfed, in fact, it may see a buff to keep it in line with future weapons that will be released.

The LAS-16 may not be for everyone, but it is worth trying. If you want to find out what other weapons you should use, check our Helldivers 2 best weapons and best armor guides to create the best loadout so you can complete the current Terminid Control System community event, which will run until March 19 when its completion will have a permanent effect on the game’s future.