Helldivers 2 Player Has a Great Idea to Stop Friendly Fire Griefing


  • Helldivers 2 should disable friendly fire for players in the extraction Pelican to prevent griefing.
  • Trolls can ruin Helldivers 2 matches by killing players in the Pelican, leading to a worse player experience.
  • Developer Arrowhead Game Studios is receptive to feedback, leading to hope that the change may be implemented.

A Helldivers 2 player online has shared a great idea that could reduce the amount of friendly fire griefing in the game. While friendly fire is a key part of Helldivers 2’s gameplay, some players abuse it in certain situations, to the frustration of the community.

Helldivers 2 is one of the biggest surprises of the year. Going into 2024, few would have expected the game to be anywhere near as popular as it is. As of right now, Helldivers 2 is selling well ahead of expectations, which, initially, even caught the developer by surprise. During the first few weeks, the game was hit with server limitations, which Arrowhead Game Studios quickly resolved. Considering how fast the game has taken off, the studio has done a great job of adapting to the circumstances. With the technical issues resolved, Helldivers 2 promises to be a mainstay of 2024.


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Redditor BaerMinUhMuhm shared their idea to solve one of the game’s biggest problems. When extracting in Helldivers 2, players are currently able to rain friendly fire on those already on the Pelican. Since they’re unable to shoot back, this is a huge problem when in a lobby with a griefer, and as it’s at the very end of a match, there’s very little that can be done about it in the moment. The solution is simple: simply disable friendly fire for any player already on the extraction ship.

Helldivers 2 Friendly Fire Griefing Solution

There’s no doubt that accidental friendly fire can result in some of the most hilarious moments in Helldivers 2, but when it’s being done maliciously, it can ruin the fun for everyone. This solution is non-intrusive and doesn’t remove the fun moments that can happen accidentally during gameplay. Others in the thread felt that it should be extended to enemies too, with players in the extraction Pelican unable to shoot back at them, either. One player put it best, claiming, “Putting players in a position where they can die but can’t do anything to avoid it is really unfair.”

Given the constant updates to Helldivers 2 since its release, this solution being implemented wouldn’t be a massive surprise. Developer Arrowhead Game Studios seems particularly receptive to player feedback, ensuring that as many players are happy with the game as possible. Its mammoth success allows the studio more time to figure out the direction that Helldivers 2 is headed, knowing that the game will have an audience ready to enjoy the changes and new additions.


Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 is a third-person cooperative shooter developed by Arrowhead Games Studios for the PC and PlayStation 5 where players take control of a Helldiver set to protect the citizens of Super Earth by traveling to hostile alien worlds and destroying threats. Players undergo missions, defeat enemies, and use special items called Stratagems to help turn the tide of battle in this punishing release.


February 8, 2024

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